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Phil Collins: The definitive biography - Ray Coleman

Phil Collins: The definitive biography

Author: Ray Coleman
Book title: Phil Collins: The definitive biography
ISBN: 0684817845
ISBN13: 978-0684817842
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (1997)
Language: English
Category: Music
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 264
Pages: 255 pages
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The story of Phil Collins which charts every aspect of his life and work. Collins began as an actor before becoming drummer and then lead singer with Genesis. His compulsion to make music has often been triggered by havoc in his personal life. Interviews with his friends and family are included.
Reviews: (7)
I must say first of all that i could not put it down once i started! phil Collins is truly an amazing man in every way.I was so inspired by his work ethics, his devotion to what he wanted, he never faultered to get what he wanted pretty much at any cost at the time.I loved the fact that the book shared insights about his personal relationships with his children and his wives..and told us what really happened there. It at least gives you a chance to see inside his head and his heart. His relationships with friends and family was so interesting, it leaves you feeling like you actually just met the man!! I personally would suggest this book to all Phil Collins fans, you will not be disappointed! This book is as good as his music it is simply amazing and leaves you wanting more!!
A great read about this often overlooked musician.
A moderately well done autobiography of one the greatest musical artists that has walked this planet. A must read for any true fan of Phil Collins.
This was a library book. It was in PERFECT condition. Not a flaw. Very Very Happy Thank you!
Though the late biographer Ray Coleman is very passionate about music and what drives a person, I'd say there was a bigger emphasis on Phil's romantic life than anything else. I can understand why, because Phil's solo stuff is all about relationships, but I still think it is a smidge of a shame. I would have liked to know more about Phil's thoughts on the drum sound he helped cultivate on Peter Gabriel's song "Intruder", for instance, and what Phil thinks about drum machines, and more about what he thinks about his fellow musicians, among other things. I understand why it doesn't, a snippet from his son Simon Collins, suggests he likes to keep these sorts of things to himself (at least, he did at the time). But still...

That's not to say this isn't a worthwhile book. It was revealing, at least for me, to discover more precisely what influenced his relationship songs, and to read about the reactions of both the press and his first wife to these songs. Also, before this book, I hadn't really read much about his early days at performance school and his days in his first band "Flaming Youth". Here there is a fair amount of information on both, plus first hand accounts from people who knew Phil then, including his Mum.

All sorts of people are interviewed throughout the book, (by Ray Coleman himself) including most of the major love interests in Phil's life, bandmates like Peter Gabriel (from Genesis) and Bill Bruford (from Brand X), Pattie Clapton (wive of Phil's "best friend" Eric Clapton), and his children from his first marriage. I really appreciate the first hand accounts, makes the book more lively. It's a great effort, especially from a biographer who was battling cancer at the time. In giving the book 4 stars, maybe I'm just being a tad too picky.

According to Ray Coleman's account, Phil appears to be a very hard working man, who, though he has many friends in show business, keeps people at a professional distance. He can be a bit of a control freak in the studio, and at times has something of a temper, though in Genesis it appeared he avoided those kind of confrontations. I think I might know a bit too much about Phil Collins' personal life now, actually.
Enlightening exploration into the tumultuous personal life of the rock superstar. It contains revealing accounts into his marriages, children and heart-rending divorces which ironically catapulted his music into the top of the charts. I was disappointed though in only brief interviews and anecdotes from fellow musicians, especially bandmates of his long-time band Genesis.
After being a fan of Phil Collins for many years I was pleased to discover the biography of this highly talented man. The book delved into his personal and public life in a very thorough manner and unveiled many personal and professional qualities of Phil, from his upbringing, through his times with Genesis, the birth of his controversional solo career through to the current day. I was enthralled by the very precise way in which all aspects of his life were covered especially that of his marriages, his relationships with his wives, children,& co-workers and his dedication to his art. This book gave me great insight into what has made Phil the astute performer and person that he is today. Not all of the aspects of the biography were in Phil's favour (for example,incidences where he revealed his fiery temperament) but I credit the author for this as it allows for the reader to gain his own insight and opinion on who the real Phil Collins is as a person. This biography enlightened me on the life and times of a wonderful person who is a credit to the music industry, a dedicated man who revealed his most personal life to his fans through his art. I believe that this is a must read for any Phil Collins fan. It is not one sided, nor does it intend to influence your opinion. Read it for yourself, allow yourself the oppurtunity to learn more on this remarkable man.
This was such a great book and I know that any Phil Collins fan would enjoy reading it as much as I did. It shows Phil as a real person, even though we all look up to him in awe because of his great artistic talents. I know that after reading this book, I still feel the same way I did about Phil. That is, if someone asked me, Dalia, if you could meet anyone, I mean anyone and just spend the evening chatting, who would it be? My answer would still be Phil Collins,of course! I write poetry and would love to make them into songs and would love Phils' advice and maybe he could give me some pointers. The one thing that suprised me though, was what his mom said about his current wife, Orianne. "I hope she doesn't change, and if she does, I hope I'm not around to pick up the pieces." Phil is a big boy and his choices in his life, were his choices, some good, some bad and maybe he just grew apart from his first wife and his second wife lived too much for him and never developed any interest outside their marriage. But Orianne and Phil, I wish you the best and hope for you two, a long life together.
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