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The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles - Douglas A. Kass,Jeffrey A. Hirsch

The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles

Author: Douglas A. Kass,Jeffrey A. Hirsch
Book title: The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles
ISBN: 1118270118
ISBN13: 978-1118270110
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (August 7, 2012)
Language: English
Category: Investing
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 797
Pages: 240 pages
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Jeffrey Hirsch discusses how to capture market-beating returnsby following specific stock market cycles

While predicting the direction of the stock market at any givenpoint is difficult, it's a fact that the market exhibitswell-defined and sometimes predictable patterns. While cycles donot repeat exactly all of the time, statistical evidence suggeststhat cyclical tendencies are very strong and should not be ignoredby investors. The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles willshow you how to profit from these recurring stock market patternsand cycles.

Written by Jeffrey Hirsch, President of the Hirsch Organizationand Editor-in-Chief of the Stock Trader's Almanac, thisreliable resource explains why these cycles occur, provides thehistorical evidence behind them, and shows you how to captureconsistent profits from them moving forward. In addition todescribing his most widely followed cycles and patters, Hirsch alsodiscusses both longer term boom-bust economic cycles and shorterterm tendencies involving the best days, weeks, and months of theyear to trade the market.

The methods found here follow everything from presidentialelection cycles to the "Santa Claus" effectWritten by Jeffrey Hirsch, the pre-eminent authority on marketcycles and seasonal patternsThe strategies explored are easy-to-implement, and based onresearch that has proven profitable over the course of time

For investors looking to beat the buy-and-hold philosophy,The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles will provide simple,actionable ideas that have stood the test of time and consistentlyoutperformed the market.

Reviews: (7)
The first half of this book is one of the best market books I've ever read, and I've read a bunch and do a lot of investing. Hirsch's plot of the market over 130 years is similar to one I did over 80 years a while back, and his conclusions about very long term cycles and plateaus are similar to mine, but with more data and analysis and insight. The analysis about the relation of the market to war was more clear than I'd worked out on my own. His analysis of the presidential election cycle and historical study of it are also realistic and revealing.

The latter part of the book concerns shorter patterns many of which don't work anymore, or not reliably enough to bother with. I am giving the high rating only for the first part.
Really good book with a lot of good info. He gives a lot of good data on lots of different trends. The author refers a lot to the time that the book was written during the recession which makes you wonder if there is better up to date info. I would buy a revised version of this book and it was worth my time to read. I am going to implement parts of this in my own strategies.
This book provides information on trading which I found invaluable! It shows that the best 6 months start in November and go to April. While the worst 6 months start in May and go through October. I never knew that and it explains a lot of my failed trades. There are so many other trading tips, both buy and hold and trader that I am doing my second reading already. Great book!
Much like Warren Buffet, I am an eternal optimist concerning the capitalist economic system and the free market. I also am a big Ken Fisher fan and am an advocate for the "historical analytical" approach to market analysis. Jeffery Hirsch's excellent book supports the Fisher approach and provides detailed perspectives into the cycles that affect and and reflect the American market dynamic. A fascinating approach that reveals as much about our individual collective as a nation as it does about our market system, Hirsch's writing will engross you in the captivating, and often confounding, drivers of the world's most successful economic system.
This was less a history and explanation of stock market cycles than a pie-in-the-sky prediction of the next big boom. Not useful.
Useful information for any investor or stock market trader. All markets have cycles either based on seasonality or other factors and Jeff Hirsch offers a wealth of usable knowledge, facts and data to help make better trading decisions.
Easily read and understood the author makes it Ezra's to see SOME patterns and proves the adage buy in November and sell in May with fact . Every month every electoral cycle is covered including days of the week and hrs of the day
Good read with lots of valuable information. Item delivered as promised.
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