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Granny's Wonderful Chair (Yesterday's Classics) - Katharine Pyle,Frances Browne

Granny's Wonderful Chair (Yesterday's Classics)

Author: Katharine Pyle,Frances Browne
Book title: Granny's Wonderful Chair (Yesterday's Classics)
ISBN: 1599150697
ISBN13: 978-1599150697
Publisher: Yesterday's Classics (March 19, 2007)
Language: English
Category: Classics
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 386
Pages: 188 pages
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Seven fairy tales, set in an interesting framework which relates the adventures of the little girl Snowflower and her magical chair at the court of King Winwealth. When Snow-flower, from her nook in the kitchen, said, "Chair of my grandmother, take me to the highest banquet hall," "instantly the chair marched in a grave and courtly fashion out of the kitchen, up the grand staircase, and into the highest hall." There it told the following stories to the king and queen, the fair lords and ladies, the many fairies, and notable people from other lands: The Christmas Cuckoo, The Lords of the White and Gray Castles, The Greedy Shepherd, The Story of Fairyfoot, The Story of Childe Charity, Sour and Civil, and The Story of Merrymind. Numerous black and white illustrations by noted artist Katharine Pyle complement the text. Suitable for ages 7 and up.
Reviews: (7)
This is a bad, abridged version. If you are at all familiar with the original, your mind will constantly be asking, "But, what about..." and "Where did things I remember go?"

It has only 4 of the original 7 stories.

The original - which is available in a free Kindle edition (to which I give 5 stars) - is titled "Granny's Wonderful Chair & Its Tales of Fairy Times." The seven stories are set within a lovely framework of the little granddaughter's experiences. This version cuts most of this. I guess they had to include a bit of that, because the book's title would make no sense without the "back story."

Please look for "Granny's Wonderful Chair & Its Tales of Fairy Times."
Lahorns Gods
This review is for the free kindle edition of this book.

Granny's Wonderful Chair is a book of several wonderful fairy tales, which was very popular when it first came out, and remained so for several decades.

The story design is somewhat like that of Arabian Nights, in that the story is one story teller (the chair), who tells several stories. Now, one might think that a chair telling stories is a very strange concept to base a book on, but I assure you that the chair (and thus the author) is one of the best story tellers I've read recently.

There are a few formatting errors in this edition, however; the page numbers are left in the text, as are the picture captions, which link to other places in the book, though the pictures are missing...I'm not really sure what's going on there, actually.

There is an active table of contents, which leads you to the following stories:

The Christmas Cuckoo
The Lords of the White and Grey Castles
The Greedy Shepherd
The Story of Fairyfoot
The Story of Childe Charity
Sour and Civil
The Story of Merrymind
Prince Wisewit Returns
We all want to go away for a while and enter a beautiful or mysterious place that will take us on a journey through palace, treasures, and magic. This is that such book of open ended stories and tales of witches fairies, creatures of the sea and air. Loved this book...
Vital Beast
A cute little public domain book written in Great Britian in an earlier era. A creative writing approach to fairies.

I don't usually read these kind of books, but I found this one a nice, short, enjoyable read for a change of pace/genre.

4 stars for her overall writing ability.
This is an excellent book with excellent stories. It is like having many books in one. My granddaughter will love me to tell her of all the adventures in this great book.
Knights from Bernin
This is a book that was handed down to us by my grandmother. We read it as a family so many times as I was growing up. I then read it to my children and they are in turn reading it to theirs. These are some of the best fairy stories I've ever read.
This is an amazing book that I grew up with as a child! I am so thrilled to find it in Kindle form!! I have an original copy of the book that is very old and I am afraid to turn the pages in. Now I can keep it safe and still enjoy the stories. These are great stories full of imagination and color. The names are wonderful, the characters are full of life and the messages are clear. Enjoy this book!!
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