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Children's Books

Ginger - Charlotte Voake


Author: Charlotte Voake
Book title: Ginger
ISBN: 0744581494
ISBN13: 978-0744581492
Publisher: Gardners Books (August 31, 2001)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Rating: 4.8/5
Votes: 123
Pages: 30 pages
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Ginger is a very contented cat. He lives with a little girl who takes perfect care of him. But one day she brings home a naughty little black kitten and Ginger's blissful world is turned upside down! The kitten jumps on Ginger, cats his food and even sleeps in his basket until eventually Ginger decides to leave home. But the little girl misses Ginger very much, so she goes outside in the rain to look for him. Eventually she finds him, wet and sad, hiding under a bush. She brings him back inside and tucks him up in his basket, but she's sorry that Ginger and the naughty little kitten can't get on. But when she comes back later, she finds Ginger's basket empty and both cat and kitten in the cardboard box, getting along famously! Brilliantly designed and edited to preserve the splendour of the original artwork and text, this classic picture book has been superbly reinvented and adapted into this practical new format, perfect for very young children.
Reviews: (7)
Adorable book. As a cat-lover, I found this children's book too adorable to pass by. I secretly ordered the book for myself so that my nieces and nephew (and maybe future kids?) could enjoy the story as well when they come visit.
Best West
I love this book. It is a family tradition and now I read it to my granddaughter!
I taught kindergarden/elementary for four years and this was one of my favorite books to read to my students (age 3-6 especially). It always made me want to get a second cat. Kids love the pictures and the story is simple enough for younger children to follow and enjoy.
Funny duck
Ginger, a beautiful boy cat received a gift he does not want to accept but eventually finds a way! Perfect
as a Christmas gift or any time you need a good cat story! Also covers the topic of sharing...hmmmm!
Sybil Blazej-Yee, Librarian and a Children's Book Author and a Dogwalker and a Cat Service Provider (LOL)
This story involves a big cat adjusting to a new kitten. I bought this book for my son when we were expecting a new baby. It works perfectly to illustrate having a new baby in the house without being so obvious about it. Other than the sibling aspect, it is just a fun read. I enjoyed the illustrations as well.
Wonderful pictures!
Wonderful story and lovely pictures!
This is a very cute story. If you are expecting a baby or a new person to your home the one currently at home may relate to Ginger's predicament! It has a sweet and funny ending.
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