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Secrets (Glenbrooke) - Robin Jones Gunn

Secrets (Glenbrooke)

Author: Robin Jones Gunn
Book title: Secrets (Glenbrooke)
ISBN: 1590522400
ISBN13: 978-1590522400
Publisher: Multnomah (May 14, 2004)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 299
Pages: 288 pages
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Beginning her new life in a small Oregon town, high school English teacher Jessica tries desperately to hide the details of her past. Yet two individuals remain determined to discover the painful truth: the jealous woman who is Jessica's immediate superior, and Kyle Buchanan, a handsome, compassionate paramedic and dreamer. Will Jessica's past destroy her future? Or can she find a deeper peace that will end her need to keep Secrets? Readers will find out in this bestselling former Palisades release, now the first book of the new Glenbrooke series by bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn.
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net rider
Jessica is running from something or someone when she ended up in her late mom's hometown. She's able to fulfill her dream of teaching in their high school. Kyle is a firefighter and helps with the EMS. He meets Jessica when her car wrecks and she's injured. Their attraction is immediate, but Jessica needs to keep herself aloof. She's learned to be wary of anyone trying to get close to her. Can Kyle break down Jessica's walls? Will she learn to trust God? Can she finally admit who she is? This is a story of how secrets can ruin our lives.
I loved this book. I did not guess Jessica’s secret until it was finally revealed. Now I understand why she did the things she did. And Kyle is the perfect hero. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!
I had a friend recommend this book to me. She had read it years before. Church is a big part of who I am. I could she a little of me in some of the different people in the book. The recommend different scripture to read in it helped me to know also that even throw they may not have to answer here for what they did. In time they will have too. I and my sons will be compensated in the end. I have forgiven them. Now I just work on to help my kids to do the same. I have lived through my pain now I have to live and help my kids through theirs.
This is a surprisingly accurate book on the emotional turmoil some people go through in their lives. It is heartwrenching in spots. It could be a difficult book to read for those who have been through the same experiences but also very healing. I would recommend it for anyone especially to gain understanding of those who are experiencing emotional trauma.
I love how this author writes!
A friend gave me one of these books and I was wary at first because I don't usually like christian romances, but this series is so awesome! It's so much more real than most romances, all of the characters are different and yet I fell in love with all of them. I definitely recommend this series to all christian women, married or not.
I know this book has a lot of fans here but honestly, I thought it dragged in parts and was very unrealistic. Jessica's so-called "secret" was just ridiculous. Here I thought she was in fear for her life but nope, nothing of the kind ... I liked this enough but its definitely not a keeper for me. I plan to check the others in the series out at the library! P.S. Jessica seemed very superficial at times, even thinking in depth how BIG her best friend Teri's legs looked in white pants. Huh?!
It is evident that Robin Jones Gunn is use to writing for adolescents. This book is a small step up toward storytelling for adults. For the first half of the story mysterious innuendoes are substituted for intrigue, it lacks believability and the characters are ill-defined and inconsistent. Then, it seems that Robin's gift for bringing the reader into the world of the characters begins to surface and her ability to bring her characters to life emerges. Before book's end, I was ready to read the second in the series. I was and am a huge Robin Jones Gunn fan.
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