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Smith's Bible Dictionary - William Smith

Smith's Bible Dictionary

Author: William Smith
Book title: Smith's Bible Dictionary
ISBN: 0529066769
ISBN13: 978-0529066763
Publisher: World Pub (January 1, 1989)
Language: English
Category: Bible Study & Reference
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 504
Pages: 912 pages
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Reviews: (7)
Light out of Fildon
For those of us who have read the Bible and thought 'what does this word mean?' the Smith's Bible Dictionary is just one tool to use while studying the good word. Not only are there definitions to words, you will find the original word and its pronunciation to it as well. I have a Strong's Concordance as well to help me with my studies. When you see what the true word is as well as it's meaning, (get into the Hebrew words and their meanings and the words in the KJV Bible will suddenly pop off the page!) Read a page of the dictionary a day, or, keep it handy while reading your Bible. It's a quick reference and it's a great companion to use along with a Strong's Concordance!
I recommend as usual the older version of this book. This one has been edited to remove controversial but previously contained material that has no recent discovery to make it irrelevant, and yet the material has been removed anyway. Case in point the "ark of the covenant' entry. The older version makes reference that the original ark concept was not jewish but egyptian, slightly diff design same basic motif. You can see it in michael tsarion video on genetic manipulation, on the screen, the older entry clearly visible. So get the older one pre-1990. Less redaction. More information. This one has been censored.
My 20-yr-old hardback copy of this book was lost and I specifically had it for the biblical genealogy charts in it. There was no way to open this book and see if the charts were inside, so I was very disappointed when it arrived without those charts.
Though you can find more extensive Bible dictionaries and encyclopedia's, for the size and price this one cannot be matched. It is packed with excellent information. No fluff, no wasted space, it gets right to the point. It is an obviously well researched and scholarly resource.

I have the 1 volume softcover edition. The type is so small I can barely read it, but I discovered that I used it more because it was so handy. It is easily carried when I travel and is always kept nearby even at home.

This is a serious resource. It contains information on everything. Outlines and backgrounds of the books of the Bible, Biblical cities and countries, Biblical characters, animals, trees and plants, some customs of the time (though very little compared to books written specifically for that purpose), and much more.

The sad thing is, you can probably find it for $2.00 at a used book store, when the reality is that it is worth infinitely more than many of the higher priced modern books. If you can't afford an extensive library, you can learn a whole lot by using this book in your Bible study. You can spend 10 times more money for a multi-volume set, but at best probably only gain 25% more pertinent material. I highly recommend it.
Greart study aid. SMITH'S is the best in the hebrew/greek meaning of names out there. Wonderful Help!
I personally love this bible dictionary, along with a Strong's concordance and a King James 1611 Edition bible, it's all you should ever need for study.

Smith's Bible Dictionary: More than 6,000 Detailed Definitions, Articles, and Illustrations
People and places. Plants and animals. Manners and customs. Queens, Kings and prophets. Buildings, weights, measurements, and keywords.
I don't have a problem with the age of the text, nor do I have an issue with the fact that it's not indexed. The book is in alphabetical order, so just go to where you are looking! The problem is that this is merely Volume 1 of a multi-volume set!!! No where did I find this listed or mentioned. While I'd like to get the other volumes, just this first volume (A - Feasts) by itself is disappointingly incomplete. I'll be sending this back with hopes that Amazon re-categorizes this book.
I love this dictionary but is is NOT mobile friendly. I couldnt find a way to get to contents or even an alphabet. Fix that and I would be rating it 4.5. The paperback i have is still my favorite!
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