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The Harcombe Diet: The Recipe Book - Zoe Harcombe

The Harcombe Diet: The Recipe Book

Author: Zoe Harcombe
Book title: The Harcombe Diet: The Recipe Book
ISBN: 1907797076
ISBN13: 978-1907797071
Publisher: Columbus Publishing Ltd (March 2, 2011)
Language: English
Category: Special Diet
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 914
Pages: 400 pages
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This is the perfect accompaniment to "The Harcombe Diet: Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight." Real food; great taste; optimal health – that’s what The Harcombe Diet is all about and here’s how to do it. With over 100 recipes for Phase 1, another 100 for Phase 2 and then just a few seriously special Phase 3 cheats, this is the ultimate diet-recipe book. You can have burgers, seafood risotto and authentic Indian curry in Phase 1; boeuf bourguignon, mushroom stroganoff and cream berry pudding in Phase 2 and the most sensational dark chocolate mousse in Phase 3. This features Harcombe friendly versions of the classic dishes – French onion soup, coq au vin, chilli con carne and the classic accompaniments – mayonnaise, chips and cauliflower cheese. If you want to eat real food, lose weight and gain health – this is a must for your kitchen shelf.
Reviews: (7)
Thank you thank you thank you. I have lost over 30 pounds in 2 months. I'm starting day one today, but not in a hurry to lose weigh I just love the way this eating style makes me feel. I had sugar over the weekend and it made my joints hurt. Sugar is poison period. This book is well worth the money.
I made the mistake of buying this book AND the "Diet for Men" and "Stop Counting Calories" books as well.
The premise of this diet ( I believe ) is sound and very simple. Which means that you do not need any more than a few CHAPTERS to get the information required.
It just seems that the author is in a shameless money grab mode by publishing the same information over and over again.
Buy this recipe book. That's all you need.
The reason I liked this book is it has alot of the same information as the book that describes the diet. I first read about this diet in a weekly women's publication, looked it up on line. I lost 7 pounds the first week and so far have lost 16 pounds. This is a very easy paring of foods and the weight just keeps on coming off without feeling like you are "giving up" anything.
Minus 16 pounds in 2 months later, I can say that I am a Harcombe fan. And I am extra appreciative because with the group of foods I can't eat, it makes cooking fun to go through and cook recipes out of this book. It's turned weight loss into inspiration, rather than drudgery. Instead of saying oh I can't eat that or that or that, I get to try new things.

I have made a ton of recipes in this book, Kindle propped by the stove on a recipe stand. I had so much fun making the mussels in cider, which are to die for. Also the Provence chicken is something I have made a few times now and absolutely love and devour, as do others who are not even on this eating plan. I love the descriptions for the recipes, love the conversion table (needed to switch things over to US measurements), and most of all I love having fun with new recipes that aren't too hard but make amazing food and the recipe isn't some poorly thought out afterthought to a book, which can be very annoying.

Best of both worlds! This book hits my trifecta of recipe needs: Delicious, not boring, and easy to make. Oh, and helps you lose weight. Would that be a quadrifecta?
Cooking things I would never have tried before. I do have to convert the measurements to American.
Rose Of Winds
Good low carb recipies. Uses British measurements, though measurement conversion tables are at the back of the book.
Good recipes. The only thing I wish it has of course are pictures. There are very simple to follow recipes so anyone can do it!
Easy to follow instructions and great recipes. KISS-Keep It Super Simple!
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