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Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense? - Lou Guzzo,Dixy Lee Ray

Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense?

Author: Lou Guzzo,Dixy Lee Ray
Book title: Environmental Overkill: Whatever Happened to Common Sense?
ISBN: 0060975989
ISBN13: 978-0060975982
Publisher: Perennial; Reprint edition (April 1, 1994)
Language: English
Category: Engineering
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 801
Pages: 260 pages
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The author of Trashing the Planet and media commentator Guzzo offer a straightforward analysis that helps readers understand the scientific and political realities of environmental issues and make their own informed decisions about global warming, pollution, endangered species, and other environmental issues.
Reviews: (7)
Perhaps one of the best books discussing caring for the environment while pointing out the fraudulent nature of the "environmental movement." If you are truly interested in getting some perspective on the issue of enviro-Marxism and how it is designed not to take care of the environment, but to tell you to live a certain, approved way, this is a great place to start. Written by a former Democratic Governor of Washington and a scientist, this book will rock the world of those who think that everybody in the democratic party is their ally. Governor Ray was incredibly popular until she called the lie to the radical left.
Dixie Lee Ray is the best. Her book TRASHING THE PLANET is in my opinion better, but ENVIRONMENTAL OVERKILL is also outstanding. Dixie Lee Ray is an original thinker on why the environmental extremists are a bunch of phonies. Ms Ray explains how and why the environmental extremists are hypocrites. She changed my opinions on many subjects. We need her now. Would love to hear what Ms Ray say about reduced coal use, 'climate-change' etc
The late Dixie Lee Ray has diligently documented many examples of overkill and over-reaction by 'saving our planet' greenies. LeRoy Brown, a ninety-something former crop duster, first introduced me to this book. My father was one of quite a number of farmers whose farms were basically shut down by 'environmentalists'. Fact is, at the point when this was done, the water that we used was being returned to the ditches in a state that was more pure than Perrier water. I was looking for validation for my sense that the government and various well-intended agencies jump before they really have a proper perspective on the situation.
Interesting read. I especially liked the chapter on DDT. It never ceases to amaze me how the Enviro-Natzi crowd can cause the death of thousands to advance their cause.
Environmental Overkill is a great concise book, clearly written easy to understand. It is a wonderful science book, one all high school students should read. A good read for parents as well.
To bad we lost her.

Her credientials are needed now!
In the 90's I read her book named "Trashing The Planet". Whow!

Read her work if you want facts and figures about our environment.
Good product.
I read Dr. Ray's books in high school and college to get information for debating. I was surprised to find out that they are among the most heavily footnoted books on the subject of environmentalism. Dr. Ray's use of science and statistical data is so overwhelming that the critics of this book have to resort to political mudslinging to discredit it. If you can find a copy of this or "Trashing the Planet," give it a read. These books are extremely insightful and full of real data that would be hard to compile from other sources.
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