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Candida-Related Complex: What Your Doctor Might Be Missing - Christine Winderlin

Candida-Related Complex: What Your Doctor Might Be Missing

Author: Christine Winderlin
Book title: Candida-Related Complex: What Your Doctor Might Be Missing
ISBN: 0878339353
ISBN13: 978-0878339358
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing (October 1, 1996)
Language: English
Category: Diseases & Physical Ailments
Rating: 4.5/5
Votes: 572
Pages: 280 pages
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As much as 30% of the nation's population suffers from this misunderstood condition. Questions of concerned readers are answered: included is advice on living with it long-term, proper nutrition, traditional treatments and medication, alternative therapy, and more. This book includes a national listing of support groups, a suggested reading list, and a national registry of physicians who treat CRC.
Reviews: (5)
Great book, and it arrived ahead of schedule!
Very good book. It covers the ins and outs. But it's the tip of the iceberg. I could add: Your immune system is the problem. Candida is an effect of something else, not a cause. They key lies in your Adrenals. If they are damaged, there goes your immune system's ability to fight Candida. Candida is like a cold. It's not really an illness in itself, rather, a way in which your body warns you to slow down. Your body warns you by stages. Candida could be considered stage 2. Don't let yourself get so immuno-compromized that you get to stage 3 (because it could be Crohn's or Cancer).
A lot of people think they go on this diet for a year or two, and then all is well and we can dive right back into the world of McDonald's, ice-cream and booze. It's like a cocaine addict saying "I'll get clean for a year or two." The fact is: Your body didn't like the ice-cream, fast food and boooze because it was NEVER MEANT to have it. If your car needs 93 octane and you give it 80 it will work at first, then it will start to knock, and eventually you'll damage it. And if you give it 100 octane, you'll burn it. Same goes for your body, pal. If you can no longer tolerate Candida (plain old yeast), it means that YOU NEVER WILL AGAIN (and you never really did, so it was just a matter of time before something went wrong). That is what this book fails to tell you. You have been consuming yeast and refined sugar all your life and you never should have. Simultaneously you have been damaging your adrenals all your life with caffeine and what-not and you shouldn't have. You've been taking fermented junk (like vinegar and wine and raisins) and you shouldn't have. THE BIG QUESTION: WHY ME????
It's genetics. That's what you and I got handed. So let's deal with it.
Recommended: Buy this book.
Buy Eat Right For Your Type by D'Adamo, so you can know what your blood type and race are (and are not) supposed to eat.
Get an ELISA/ACT allergy test (nothing damages your immune system more than every day eating something you are allergic to).
Stop all sugars (including fruit) for two years (after two years, you can have two pieces of fruit every day, three is pushing it).
Discontinue all fermented food like cheese, vinegar and alcohol FOREVER. Fermented is equal to septic. (As far as YOUR body is concerned). Remember the 80 octane scenario...
Buy an ozone generator (to get rid of mold in your house, because if you have Candidiasis, you are allergic to mold, period).
Consume VAST amounts of probiotics (Acidophilus and Bifidus BOTH).
Have vitamin B complex and magnesium (spread out the Magnesium and watch it, because too much equals diahrrea).
Keep a perfect routine. (of meals and rest).
Check yourself for Gluten intollerance (wheat, oats, etc...).
Once you get yourself balanced, you'll feel better than you ever did (because for the first time in your life, you'll be eating the way Nature meant you to).
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Certain aspects of modern society have failed us miserably. Our diet is one of them.
I read this book from cover to cover recently and found it very helpful. Most of the books out there on Candida are written by doctors and they write about what they know NOT what you need to know. The authors spent a lot of time including the tidbits of knowledge that you won't find anywhere else and the book is truly geared toward helping solve the entire problem. I have read all of the other books on this topic and this one is much more helpful and resourceful. Thanks.
This is one of the most comprehensive books on candida I've read. Covers everything from defining what it is, how it can get out of control, risk factors and symptoms. Clearly presents information on the various treatments including dietary and lifestyle changes, herbals, prescriptions meds and supplements. A good, general education on candida-related complex.
Finally a book that addresses all the issues surrounding CRC. Very well written and organized. Explains what the disease is and how to cope with it. Also, excellent chapters on immunology and wellness. Great reading for those who have CRC or a loved one with CRC. Highly recommend this book.
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