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Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook - Erica White

Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook

Author: Erica White
Book title: Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook
ISBN: 0722538561
ISBN13: 978-0722538562
Publisher: Thorsons (November 25, 1999)
Language: English
Category: Diets & Weight Loss
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 464
Pages: 160 pages
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Suffering from both candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome, Erica White embarked on a self help diet and supplement plan to free herself from illness.
Reviews: (7)
Way helpful and informative. Easy read.
The book's last four pages were eaten through and stuck together by a fuzzy mold, no attempts to even remove the mold before selling the book. The book also smells musty. (Funny that). The book content looks good though it is hard to read because of the smell, picturing mold particles making their way up my nose.
Good cookbook.
Con un lenguaje sencillo y agradable se explica como la candida puede afectar una persona y qué hacer para vencerla. Encuentro que las recomendaciones son muy utiles. No dudes en comprarlo.
The author, herself, says that many of the Candida cures she has seen through the years are not strict enough and the patient is never totally cured, or, they are too stringent, and the patient is unable to hold out long enough to be totally cured. I firmly believe that Erica White has found that middle way. In addition, she uses modern methods, enabling her to help hundreds of patients from around the world via phone consultations, mail testing, and consultaion, and, of course, email. In this way, you take the information in her book, plus the individual follow-up she offers and your chances of getting cured, if motivated, are extremely high.
melody of you
The book is definitely of little use to me.
I have a severe case of Candida, everytime I eat carbohydrates of any kind. i.e. Potatoes, whole wheat, oats, my Candida flares up.
The book is completely FULL OF WHEAT AND CARBOHYDRATE recipes. You will be surprissed!
A lot of Christian tosh interspersed with some useful information about practical steps to take to get Candida under control. The recipes are useless for people following food-combining or gluten-free diets. Overall, I wish I never bought it.
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