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Fatal Treasure: Greed and Death, Emeralds and Gold, and the Obsessive Search for the Legendary Ghost Galleon Atocha - Jedwin Smith

Fatal Treasure: Greed and Death, Emeralds and Gold, and the Obsessive Search for the Legendary Ghost Galleon Atocha

Author: Jedwin Smith
Book title: Fatal Treasure: Greed and Death, Emeralds and Gold, and the Obsessive Search for the Legendary Ghost Galleon Atocha
ISBN: 0471158941
ISBN13: 978-0471158943
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (April 1, 2003)
Language: English
Category: Americas
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 918
Pages: 272 pages
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In real life-especially off the Florida coast-things can have fatal consequences. Fatal Treasure is a truly compelling read.-Aphrodite Jones, New York Times bestselling author of Cruel Sacrifice and All She WantedIn 1622, hundreds of people lost their lives to the curse of the Spanish galleon Atocha-and they would not be the last. Fatal Treasure combines the rousing adventure of Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea with the compelling characters and local color of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It tells the powerful true story of the relentless quest to find the Atocha and reclaim her priceless treasures from the sea. You'll follow Mel Fisher, his family, and their intrepid team of treasure hunters as they dive beneath the treacherous waters of the Florida Straits and scour the ocean floor in search of gold, silver, and emeralds. And you'll discover that nearly four centuries after the shipwreck, the curse of the Atocha is still a deadly force.""On this day, the sea once again relinquished its hold on the riches and glory of seventeenth-century Spain. And by the grace of God, I would share the moment of glory . . . . I was reaching for my eighth emerald, another big one, when the invisible hands squeezed my trachea. In desperation, I clutched at my throat to pry away the enemy's fingers. But no one had hold of me.""-From the Prologue
Reviews: (7)
This book is very well written by a writer twice nominated for the coveted Pulitzer. It is easy to read and the author takes you there firsthand. If you are at all interested in adventure, treasure and following your dreams you won’t be disappointed. This is the true story of Mel Fisher’s quest for the elusive Ghost Galleon - The Nuestra Señora De Atocha. I highly recommend this book.
There are many lost treasure stories, but on a personal level this is the one that took the longest and cost the most from those involved. These facts make the story a compelling one , Jedwin Smith was a first hand participant and thus had a greater investment than just writing this book. He is obviously awed by the long strange trip by Mel Fisher and family to reclaim the Atocha. Mel Fisher,simply put, is the quentessential everyman who became obsessed with a dream, had just enough success early on to insure his obsession overtook any semblence of normalcy, yet ended up fully realizing his dream albeit at a supremely high price.

I liked Jedwin Smith's book quite well. It did hit the main interest points. It did not explore Mel Fisher or his methods as deeply as Gary Kinder's book about treasure hunter Tommy Thompson. That said I'm glad I read it, recommend it, but would like to read further about Mel Fisher.
Fatal Treasure is the companion to the book "Treasure of Atocha: A Four Hundred Million Dollar Archeological Adventure by Dr. Duncan Mathewson III. Dr. Mathewson was the chief archeologist on the Atocha expedition and its recovery. I had purchased this book in addition to the DVD : Treasure : The Search for the Atocha.Recent I met a former executive of Treasure Salvor's to see his collection of Atocha treasures and to have an Atocha coin I purchased severral years back while in a treasure store in Florida evaluated. The Grade 1 8 Real coin almost tripled in value. Amongst the gold, emeralds, silver cannon ball (a way someone smuggled silver onto the Atocha ), bottles etc, mention was made of two new books that came out. Fatal Treasure was the book that told the entire story of all the key characters involved in the search for and recovery of the lost treasures of the Atocha valued he told me at $500 million dollars. I was further informed that the search is still ongoing for the sterncastle of the Atocha that is reportedly to have held the more valuables of the nobility that were on the Atocha and that this hoard could surpass that already found which could put the value of the Atocha treasure at approximately one billion dollars !

As an accompliment to the book by Dr. Duncan Mathewson, I can think of none better. It gives one a real feeling of who the players are, especially Mel Fisher. Many years ago I planned on having my copy of the book Treasure of the Atocha autographed by both Dr. Mathewson and Mel Fisher. Due to losing a number of items within the United States Postal System, I procastinated. Finally, I said "Today is the day" (Mel Fisher's favorite inspirational saying) and decided to mail the book as Terri, one of the women who worked at Treasure Salvors, told me to send the book and she would have Mel sign it. I was elated and then, that very day, I saw Mel Fisher's obituary in the Chicago Tribune. This was one of, if not the, worse feeling I have ever had in my life. I never met Mel Fisher but I know we would have become the best of friends and for that I will be perpetually sorry.

I read the entire book in one day. It is a happy as well as sad story. I felt tears in my eye twice in the book because not many people know the true story of the deep suffering Mel, Deo (his wife) and the other members felt for the loss of 5 people in this obsessive hunt for the treasure if the Atocha, including Mel's son Dirk and his daughter in law Angel.

It is a truly wonderful book about one man's obsession about treasure (Mel also found other treasure ships beside the Atocha which is detailed in this book). I am quite an avid reader but never have I read an entire book in one day. I would reecommed this book to anyone even remotely interested in treasure ships. Mel Fisher's legacy will forever be equated to Atocha. Its an honorarium he so richly deserves. Mel Fisher will aways inspire anyone who has a dream, for Mel Fisher will always be there in our hearts and minds.
Excellent book for anyone wanting to know about salvage operations at sea. The story is written in way to make you feel what the crew and Fisher family felt during the highs and lows of searching for the Atocha and its treasure.
Awesome book. Very well researched. Not just another treasure hunter tale. The fleet of the Atocha was loaded with South American silver and tried to run the gauntlet to the Caribbean when they knew it was risky storm season. Over loaded. I loved the part about the young treasure hunters running all over the country with their finds. So much was pulled up from the sea floor, they actually devalued their own rare treasures when they took them to the collectors market. Many stories with unknown historical facts and personal stories.
need I say more? This book was a page turner, and I did not want to put it down. When I was done reading it, I went back and read it again. It's a hell of a story. I can't really imagine devoting my life to hunting for treasure, but to be honest, I love adventure, and the world hasn't even come close to discovering all the treasure out there.
A book written by a person who lived with the crew on a daily basis, living the boredom, tedium, danger, and excitement of the famous Atoch treasure hunt. A very good acount, well written. I'm richer just for having read it. Even if you are not a diver, just a closet enthusiast, read it. You will not be disappointed.
It was a gift for my Husband, he is a scuna diver, but did not like the book, the way is written ????
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