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Daring Deception (Legacy of Love) - Brenda Hiatt

Daring Deception (Legacy of Love)

Author: Brenda Hiatt
Book title: Daring Deception (Legacy of Love)
ISBN: 0263147568
ISBN13: 978-0263147568
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (February 10, 1996)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Rating: 4.5/5
Votes: 121
Pages: 256 pages
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Reviews: (7)
This was my first book by Ms. Hiatt and will, most likely, be my last.

The character development was mostly 2 dimensional. The dialogue was authentic and natural and lent a delightful cadence to the era. The plot was also pretty well thought out. It was a simple book and a simple read.

Yet the head-hopping was insane. There was never appt with fidelity or integrity. Paragraph POV shifts. Mid-paragraph POV shifts. And actions or thoughts attributed to the character in whose POV we're in that was inappropriate. For example, if we're in Gavin's POV, then we shouldn't be reading about his rakish smile (this was just an example). A person doesn't describe themselves I using adjectives (unless completely narcissistic).

I couldn't take it much longer and when I finally got to the end, I was glad.
It's okay, but I didn't especially like any of the characters. Thomas and Frederica are siblings who will inherit a lot of money in the future--Thomas 5 years from now, Frederica when she marries. Both have little money until they inherit. Thomas loses a lot of money to Gavin, a new earl who needs a lot of money. Thomas suggests Gavin marry Frederica so her inheritance can pay off his gambling debt. Win-win-who cares whether Frederica wins or loses?

Most of what happens isn't plausible. To try to find a reason not to marry Gavin, Frederica applies at his home to be an assistant housekeeper wearing a wig, fake freckles, and spectacles. She works there a couple of weeks, and no one notices a thing. And Gavin doesn't hesitate when she asks if she can bring her pet mice and peacock into his home. Pet mice and a peacock?

Gavin suddenly has all the money he needs for his household--somehow Thomas has given him 12,000 pounds in advance of the marriage. Were all of Gavin's purchases on credit? If not, how did Thomas get his hands on the money before the marriage?

Besides Gavin's initial willingness (even eagerness) to marry Frederica for her money without her being consulted, he keeps his mistress and kisses the new nanny in spite of being betrothed.

To me, the best moment in the whole book was the moment when he learns Cherry and Frederica are the same person. I didn't see that coming.

For those who care, this should be in the "sweet and clean" category.
Freddie’s brother betrothed her to Lord Seabrook in payment for his gambling debt. Freddie’s goes undercover as a nanny to try to find information to discredit him as her brother will break the betrothal then. But will she find love instead? A very good regency romance.
As noted by many reviewers, this is a sweet story - fine by me - and fun to read. Fredericka and Gavin are the H/h being betrothed and not having met. A bit "odd" a plot about spying and "Freddie/Cherry" saving the day a few times, but easy and mildly enjoyable read.
Lively path from righteous indignation that 2 men could decide Cherry's future without consulting her to spying to prove her betrothal was a bad idea to Cherry and Gavin falling in love.
I loved this book! After reading the Christmas Bride by the same author, I was hesitant to buy another of her books but I'm so glad I did. This is a romance and I loved both the H and h. Great characters, great story and it was clean. Can't recommend it enough.
Love the humor of some of the situations. Thought Freddie/Cherry was stubborn enough to get into tight corners and smart enough to get herself out.
This book was absolutely charming! It is a lovely, sweet afternoon snack that holds enough substance to be a very satisfying read. Frederica's brother, Thomas, loses a significant amount to a newly-made and financially challenged Earl. The Earl had thought to use his winnings to restore the legacy that his uncle had all but beggared. Unfortunately, the young gambler's fortune is tied up and so, instead, Thomas offers marriage to his sister and her share of the fortune. So far, a typical beginning for a Regency. Frederica, as one might expect, is quite peeved when her brother presents this fait accompli to her. Rather than refuse outright, she decides to check this Earl out for herself in hope that she may find something about him that will change her brother's mind about the match. So she obtains a position in the Earl's household. Of course, she and the Earl fall in love and she has to figure out how to deal with her deception. While a predictable story line and no hot, steamy scenes (it is originally an old Harlequin), the characters, relationships, dialogue and tension were enough to keep me hooked during the course of a few hours. Sweet.
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