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Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves) - Lauren Dane

Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves)

Author: Lauren Dane
Book title: Enforcer (Cascadia Wolves)
ISBN: 1419958313
ISBN13: 978-1419958311
Publisher: Ellora's Cave (October 30, 2008)
Language: English
Category: Erotica
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 321
Pages: 224 pages
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Nina Reyes is a just barely reformed grifter who has left her past and her criminal record behind. That is until her brother shows up on her doorstep with some rogue werewolves out to kill him. Nina gets further drawn into the web of intrigue when Lex Warden, Cascadia Pack's Enforcer, comes to her for help and she ends up needing his protection. There are missing viral agents, the werewolf mafia, death threats, arson and a whole lot of scorching sex and acerbic wit between them. Welcome to the Northwest and Cascadia Pack.
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Nina Reyes worked hard to get to where she is today. It took some not quite legit ways to get there but she has been on the straight and narrow since. Her brother though has continued on that fine line, especially once he was bitten by a werewolf. When he ends up in trouble again and seeks Nina's help, she finds herself being watched by the hottest wolf she has ever met.

Lex Warden is the enforcer of the Cascadia Pack, he is feared by all and always gets his way. Until he meets Nina, who looks like a spinster but after a most interesting encounter catches him off guard. Lex knows she is his mate, but if there is a woman who has proceed with caution written all over it, it is Nina.

Tempers flare, chemistry explodes, and a heck of a good time in reading a book ensues. I liked this one a lot, Nina is a firecracker and Lex although mighty, has fallen hard. Excellent read.
Heat Rating

At an early age Nina Reyes and her little brother became orphans and rather than be separated by the state they ran. Nina learned how to take care of herself and her brother by any means necessary and then he was bitten by a werewolf. When her brother shows up needing help and the Enforcer of his pack is looking for him what is Nina going to do?

Lex Warden and his brother Cade are trying to figure out why money has gone missing from the pack coffers and then one of their members is killed and the only person that may know anything is Gabriel Reyes but he has disappeared. The only lead Lex has is the Gabriel's older sister and she is a crazy spinster looking woman who points a shot gun at him.

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This book really kept me entertained. Read it pretty much in one sitting. The slightly different twist with the whole tri-bond experience was interesting. I think you had to take it for what it was worth, part of the story line about Pack tradition.

Enjoyed the back and forth between Lex, Nina, and Cade. I liked Nina's toughness and sarcastic wit, but if I could have changed one thing, it would have been to tone her down JUST A TOUCH. I would have liked to see her give Lex the respect his position in the Pack was due in front of others.

I do admit that I found the whole "Scooby" and "wolf boy" comments to be humorous.

If I could change two, it would be to have more transformations to their werewolf forms.

This book was good enough for me to want to read some of the others in the Cascadia Wolves series, and recommend that people give it a try.
I really loved this story. The characters were fantastic. Nina, the heroine, was hysterical and the hero, Lex was a great Alpha with an even better sense of humor. Which worked out great because Nina was constantly insulting him. As other reviewers mentioned the thing with the anchor, another wolf that the heroine needs to have sex with to keep her sane was a bit hard to be accepting of. But that's probably just the human in me. But even though the work up to it was made me want to yell at the heroine to run, once it took place, the author did a wonderful job with it.

This story is full of great characters, lots of action, humor, suspense and love scene's. What more can a woman ask for? I have every intention of picking up the rest of the series.
I enjoyed this story. Loved nina. She was kick butt and smart mouth. Made me lol. Lex did the usual alpha thing of not telling his mate anything before he does things to her. You would think he would mention you will have to sleep with my brother to be with me. But thats par for the course with these guys. That scene was handled nicely and the sex was hot. Actally i lost all respect for cade. For no reason should he let his brothers mate be in danger. I think she forgave him to easily. Of course it was left up to another girl to help out. I like the way they didnt have her just get over her anger at the pack. I love theway nina stood up to lex. It does make me want to read more of these books if only to see how nina shakes things up
I am going to start this review by saying that I am a shifter addict. I feel like I have read so many shifter books now that they all seem to be the same in the meaning of "feeling the wolf surfacing" and what not. This book had a great story line outside of the whole wolf thing. This is a great start for the series. I loved the spin of the tri-bond, I loved Nina's sarcasm and wit. I always love a good romance with a little spitfire in it. There is great sex scenes (not appropriate for teens) and a great finish. I give this 4 fangs because I need more unique wolfie things that are not played out already and this book did not give me much on that aspect.
LD sure knows how to write steamy books. Add a shifter to her steamy novels and you are in for a great read. I really like how the werewolf's were described and how the pack worked. I have to say that the tri-bond weirded me out at first some reason. I have read about it in other books but for some reason this one just bothered me at first. But I got over it within a chapter or two. Also I loved Lex and I thought that Nina who was so snarky was a great mate for him. Cant wait to see who Cade ends up with.

This doesn't end on a cliffhanger but the bad guys are still around to problem in the next book.
Mehhh, I was somewhat disappointed with many aspects of this story. While the overall plot line is pretty good, and I like many of the characters introduced in this book, I had a real problem with much of the byplay between the characters. The relationship was built on deceit and half-truths, so I can't see a strong female character just being so accepting of the B.S. the Lex manipulated her into. And the set up for the third person in their relationship- Really? That was the best excuse the writer could come up with? Talk about a gratuitous (and somewhat bland) sex scene. The story just didn't work for me.
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