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The Death Collectors (Carson Ryder) - Jack Kerley

The Death Collectors (Carson Ryder)

Author: Jack Kerley
Book title: The Death Collectors (Carson Ryder)
ISBN: 0007180608
ISBN13: 978-0007180608
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd (August 2005)
Language: English
Category: Action & Adventure
Rating: 4.9/5
Votes: 470
Pages: 400 pages
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A terrifying new serial-killer thriller featuring Carson Ryder, hero of the bestselling The Hundredth Man. Thirty years after his death, Marsden Hexcamp's 'Art of the Final Moment' remains as sought after as ever. But this is no ordinary collection. Hexcamp's portfolio was completed with the aid of a devoted band of acolytes - and half a dozen victims, each of whom was slowly tortured to death so that their final agonies could be distilled into art. When tiny scraps of Hexcamp's 'art' begin appearing at murder scenes alongside gruesomely displayed corpses, Detective Carson Ryder and his partner Harry Nautilus must go back three decades in search of answers. Meanwhile an auction has been announced and the death collectors are gathering. These wealthy connoisseurs of serial-killer memorabilia will pay millions to acquire Hexcamp's art - unless Carson and Harry can beat them in their quest for the anti-grail.
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Ryder and Nautilus are faced with yet another homicide with psychological overtones that forces them to activate their PSIT unit. This time the crimes seem to revolve around Marsden Hexcamp, a man convicted and shot in the head in a court room by one of his followers thirty years ago. Yet, all the crimes seem to have scraps of his art and ties to Hexcamp, leaving Ryder and Nautilus to delve into the world of people who collect mementos of the favorite serial killers.

This novel was such a step us from The Hundredth Man in both pacing and plot development. I was very leery of even continuing this series but as the novel improve they are proving to be worthwhile reads. Ryder and Nautilus are great partners although Nautilus and his rhyming thing annoy the every loving crap out of me. Kerley is making great strides as an author so this series is worth the attention of fans of thriller fiction.
J A Kerley becoming one of my favorite writers. Like the storyline, not guessing who killer is . love the description of the beach (i am a beach lover), & surroundings I can picture it all in my mind and yes,the smells too. Buy it and enjoy it I did!
I love his work. Gritty yet humorous. These books didn't get a fair shake upon release, and they deserve to be revisited.
Overall I liked the book but the ending was not very believable. Felt like the author got lost but had to find a way to bring it to an end.
Story about serial killers, particularly about the paraphernalia that they use when committing their atrocities….and the sick people who value and collect this paraphernalia as art. I found this story very dark and very unbelievable. I gave up at 35%.
Kerley's second novel brings us more of the two Mobile cops, Ryder and Nautilaus. This time they are after another serial killer wreaking havoc in the south Alabama town. Harry and Carson are a good pair of cops, each with a different attitude toward police work.

This is a good follow up novel to the first by Mr. Kerley. The action moves along and the characters are interesting and well developed. There is good bit of wise cracking humor to relieve the tension. I like this series and hope to see more of these two characters.
This author is a little dark but keeps you interested if you like a good mystery
Jack Kerley is a master of suspense and the weird. I'd be a little scared to see inside his head b/c of his creatively dark mind. Love Carson Ryder and team.
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