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Literature & Fiction

Ghosts - Noel Hynd


Author: Noel Hynd
Book title: Ghosts
ISBN: 0786014865
ISBN13: 978-0786014866
Publisher: Pinnacle (September 1, 2002)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 260
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When Academy Award-winning actress Annette Carlson buys an old house in Nantucket, she discovers that the place is haunted by a malevolent spirit, who threatens not only Annette, but the entire community. Reissue.
Reviews: (7)
This novel was originally published in 1993 by Zebra books as a paperback original. I remember exactly where I was when I read it, when it was first published, on a road trip to Montana. Without going into any details, lest to spoil the story, this was one original ghost story. And it was so well written. You could have slapped Dean Koontz's name on the cover and would not be able to tell the difference - the story is that well written and entertaining. And those are not the best aspects of the book - IT IS THE ENDING. So many novels and movies state what a terrific twist ending they have - but this novel delivers. I have the original first edition paperback (MINT condition), the subsequent paperback re-print, the first e-book edition, and now the 2014 e-book edition. This book is in my horror top ten list - aside novels by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Robert McCammon, and F. Paul Wilson - and I have been reading horror and thriller novels since 1977. That is some pretty big names! Not even sure I need to go on. Don't hesitate - BUY this book and enjoy! It is a classic.
Best ghost story I've ever read! I also own a copy of the original paperback (1993) release of this book, and family members keep on borrowing it. It is hands down the best ghost story I've ever read in my life! The Kindle edition (2014 edition) does have some editing errors, but don't let them detract from the story that's unfolding. The ending is simply incredible while making perfect sense! This is the first Noel Hynd book that I ever read, and it has not been the last, though it is and always will be my favorite. It's better than Jackson's Haunting of Hill House, Straub's Ghost Story, or anything by King or Little (and they are favorite authors of mine, too!). Read this book! You will NOT be disappointed!
Noel Hynd is, apparently, a writer of renown for his many spy novels and other thrillers. This is his first foray into the realm of the supernatural. I enjoyed it immensely. The characters, a police detective, a well-known actress and a priest, are likeable and well-drawn, though I thought the actress didn't fit into my conception of a movie star. Not important. In the past, I've criticized horror stories because I felt there was too much discussion about the said ghosts, taking away from the horror. This is somewhat an exception because, where the other books had dialogue that I felt was either silly or stilted, this had the right amount of intelligence and skepticism. The book was extremely well-written and had me on edge and looking forward to the outcome. I can't say it scared the heck out of me because, though I love horror stories, I am never scared by them. My only disappointment was the climax, which seemed too conventional. I was looking for something a bit new and different. There was a nice twist in the epilogue, which I had already guessed at and was hoping would play into the climax. But for lovers of ghost stories this is one you should pick up. I am looking forward to reading some of the other books in this series (The Ghost Stories of Noel Hynd).
Wow, now this was a frightening and thought provoking ghost story. As far out and extreme that the premiss is, it is actually believable, which makes it so frightening. We all have experienced those times when we enter some strange place and we immediately get the creeps, but don't know why. Or we see something out of the corner of our eye, but when we turn to look, we find nothing there. Or, we suddenly get the feeling that we are being watched, but again, nobody is there. And all of us have heard of ghost stories sworn to be true by trusted people. The story takes place in Nantucket, and it centers around a mean and evil ghost. The characters are terrific, and well developed. The ending in masterful and blew my mind. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good ghost story that will give you nightmares and really sticks with you. My only complaint is the number of typos and grammatical errors; this book is entirely too good for errors like that. I am wondering if they came about when converting to digital? I generally rate down for that kind of stuff, but in this case the story was way too good and well done!
ᵀᴴᴱ ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ
While this story was not overly suspenseful or dramatic, it was compelling. The author really developed the three main characters. Some scenes could have been left on the cutting room floor, but they mostly still contributed to the enjoyment of the story. Hynd's purpose wasn't to wrap things up quickly, but to create a building curiosity in the reader, which worked.

Another reviewer noted holes in the timeline, and I found it amusing to note these as I went. The author labeled this the "2014" edition, but the characters still live in a world of faxes, land lines, phone books, and hand written notes. Not that these things don't exist in 2014, but 20-something people in 2014 are married to cell phones. It is difficult to believe that a star's agent, contacting her after her recent relocation to another city, would call her new land line. No, make that impossible to believe. The timeline of several other events is flawed, such as the former home owners saying they bought the house in '74 and owned it for 35 years until selling it recently to the actress, which gets you to 2009 (around the time of the previous book update), not 2014. The author would have been well-served to have just left the book in its 1993 form, as the updating was sloppy.

Nevertheless, that was forgivable and even amusing, not a significant distraction. Good story.
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