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Awakenings: A Journey to the Center of Human Belief - Benjamin Baker

Awakenings: A Journey to the Center of Human Belief

Author: Benjamin Baker
Book title: Awakenings: A Journey to the Center of Human Belief
ISBN: 0595279864
ISBN13: 978-0595279869
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (May 15, 2003)
Language: English
Category: Genre Fiction
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 707
Pages: 84 pages
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It had all started out as just a game, and then "It" had come, and their world was never the same again.Was there actually any truth to the information being related to them from beyond? Was it an actual presence that brought them together, or was it all in their minds? Four misfits from a college in the Midwest are seemingly thrown together into a strange series of occurrences by the mysterious intelligence known only as "Zem". Author Tom Baker, his four cohorts, and the mysterious writer "John Pickman" take you on a strange, harrowing journey into the great dead heart of the haunted backroads of rural Indiana, and comb the antique buildings of a historic college campus in search of strange and elusive truths. A mind-shattering book, a tragic examination of human foibles, an intense and piercing examination of the human will to believe. Awakenings open your eyes, and join us. If you dare!
Reviews: (3)
I bought the book out of extreme curiousity - as a resident of Muncie, Indiana, I was very curious about the content of the book, which features Muncie and various things that happen to some of the college students there. It certainly didn't disappoint my curiousity - I learned a variety of fascinating trivia about the town. I also have to admit to suffering from a larger number of creepy feelings after reading the book, but I was interested enough to contact the author for more information. I reccommend this book to anyone from Central Indiana, and to anyone who likes a good ghost story. Despite some typographical errors, the book was easy to read and I don't regret the purchase!
A damn good read from an up and coming author. as a personal fanatic on occult and unknow subjects, I was originally attracted to this book by the fact that I believe I have encountered some of the same forces written about myself. Well, it seem that that is correct. The author has succintly told the story of what happens to someone who becomes gradually caught in a psychic-vortex---realizes that theya re not in total of control on the situation. I reccomend this to anyone searching for the power within themselves.
I've known Tom Baker for years; I believe I'm also motioned in the book. I highly recommend anything by Mr. Baker to anyone that has an interest in the paranormal side of life. Buy It, Read it. I swear you'll love it.
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