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Sea Leopard - Craig Thomas

Sea Leopard

Author: Craig Thomas
Book title: Sea Leopard
ISBN: 0442298420
ISBN13: 978-0442298425
Publisher: Harpercollins (1982)
Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 765
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Reviews: (7)
Craig Thomas returns after writting two books under the pseudonym of David Grant. For this novel he reprises the Firefox formula; a highly advanced war-machine being stolen from the other side. But instead of a Russian plane being stollen by the West, it's a British submanrine being stollen by the Russians.

It's the Royal Navy's new sub, the Proetus, that has a new anti-sonar device codenamed Leopard. The Russians are hungry for the technology and will go to great measures to get what they want. Only USN Officer Ethan Clark, on liaison to the Admiralty, suspects a Soviet plot against the new sub, and desperately tries to convince head of SIS, Kenneth Aubrey, of what's really at stake. But Aubrey is busy worrying about Quin, the inventor of the Leopard device, who's been scared into hiding somewhere in England by KGB London Resident Tamas Petrunin and his cronies. Aubrey sends out field agent Patrick Hyde to track down Quin before the Russians get a hold of him.

The first of seven of Craig's books to feature Australian-born field agent Patrick Hyde. Though not one of his more complex characters, he's definately the funnest character to follow around on adventures. Though Craig confines him to England in this book, the following books would allow him to do more world traveling. A good book from Craig, though, like Firefox, has quite a bit more techno stuff than Craig usually puts in his books. I'm not a techno buff, so I had to labour through some of the submarine stuff, but everything else is typical Craig.
Excellent story. Has several subplots that intertwine to lead to a fasinating conclusion. I think it would make for a great movie.
Craig Thomas and is one of my favorite modern day authors. This book kept me on the edge of my seat through out the book.
"Sea Leopard" refers to a revolutionary device for immunizing submarines against detection. When the novel opens, it's already been loaded on the RN submarine Proteus. It's the cutting edge for submarines, but the British believe the system virtually compromised - thinking that the Russians have already kidnapped its inventor. The black-joke is on the British - the Soviets haven't nabbed Leopard's creator yet. Instead, they plan to grab both the scientist and his invention simultaneously - the latter in an act of unprecedented piracy below the waves.

"Sea Leopard", set within the same continuity as "Firefox" is a great CT novel - it's fast, and has his trademark deft character descriptions and terse dialog. Though not a submariner, Thomas gives "Leopard" a great feel for its surroundings - the forbidding wastes of the North Sea, the close confines of a submarine, the situation rooms of either side (where digital symbols dance on Perspex screens like fireflies) - making you feel like you're a part of the action, even if much of the action seems to stretch credibility. "Sea Leopard" is solid reading, cover-to-cover.

THE PRIZE: The most sophisticated piece of military equipment in the world - codenamed "Leopard" - is suddenly up for grabs. Now, it is aboard the British nuclear submarine HMSS Proteus on a perilous mission to chart the Soviet underwater defense system... a mission that explodes when the Russians spring a deep-sea death trap and race to steal the deadly prize

THE MEN: Five key men clash in a lethal game that could determine the future of the free world: Aubrey and Hyde from the SIS; Adrenyev of the USSR Clark of US Intelligence; and a shadowy, brilliant man named Quin, the inventor of "Leopard"... a man who has mysteriously vanished, but who will reappear to play a crucial role in the kidnap of his world-shattering device.
A fast-paced, exciting and well researched thriller from British technothriler pioneer Craig Thomas. The Birmingham locations such as Edgabaston and the NAtional Exhibition Centre are authentic, as I live in this city and can idnetify with places described. The submarine scenes are highly throlling and supercharged - the Catherine Wheel weapon inspired Dale Brown! Rather feasible. As for the Leopard anti-sonar device - is that prophecying stealth technology?(this book was written around 1980). Altogether, if you can get hold of this, this is well worth a read. Written before 'The HUnt For Red October', but on the whole just as good, if not better, if you love submarine novels as much as I do at times. The British settings add to the interest.
"Sea Leopard" refers to a revolutionary cloaking device that makes submarines immune from detection. Certain that the Russians have already kidnapped Sea Leopard's inventor, and compromised its technology, the Royal Navy rushes a prototype to sea aboard the submarine "Proteus". The joke's on the Brits - Leopard's inventor is only in imminent danger of kidnap, and the Red Navy resorts to an outrageous course of piracy to grab a hold of Leopard's technology by grabbing the Proteus.
"Sea Leopard" tries your credibility sometimes, but it's otherwise perfect Craig Thomas - the Russians, the Arctic, thos fast paced, unsentimental prose. If you've never read Craig Thomas, this book may convert you.
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