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Twice Loved - LaVyrle Spencer

Twice Loved

Author: LaVyrle Spencer
Book title: Twice Loved
ISBN: 0515076228
ISBN13: 978-0515076226
Publisher: Jove (June 1, 1984)
Language: English
Category: Contemporary
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 843
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Twice Loved - LaVyrle Spencer
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After her husband is lost at sea, a lonely widow finds solace in the arms of his best friend. But this second chance at love takes a strange twist when the long-lost husband unexpectedly returns...
Reviews: (7)
Is there any romance writer who writes, or wrote, as richly and beautifully as Lavyrle Spencer?
Her novels are so amazingly good.
I had somehow missed reading all of this book many years ago when I was reading my way
through every Lavyrle Spencer book, but I'm glad I finally read it all. It is wonderful! Rich,
tender, bittersweet, fulfilling, poignant. I don't know if I can express how good this book is.
Rye makes a brilliant, sexy and romantic hero....come home from the sea. It is harder to emphasize with Laura and definitely hard to feel too sorry for Dan. I don't get Spencer's total disregard for grandparents. Rye dies...laura loves him so much that she keeps his son from his parents. The child is their only grandchild. Why not the truth. Papa died at sea. These are your grandparents. I have now married our best friend and he is your new papa. It seems so selfish and makes it hard to sympathize with Laura at all. Spencer totally disregarded the grandparents in separate beds as well. Too bad . Almost gave it less stars for this.
Have always enjoyed Spencer's writing. This is a period piece from the days of New England's whaling industry. Well developed characters and a very enjoyable read.
In spite of some of the mixed reviews, I thought this was a good read. Rye is a character you have to love...strong, determined and set to go after what is his. Laura waffled some, but I think she was only trying to be fair. Dan was the true wimp...he saw the writing on the wall, but did very little constructive to try to fight for what was his. I think if there would have been more of a fight between the two men (and I don't necessarily mean physically) to win the girl, it might have added to the story. However, there were enough complications to keep things interesting and I would definitely recommend this book.
This book was purchased as a gift for a Nora Roberts/J D Robb fan. She liked the story very much and has put the author on her wish list for future gift purchases. I don't have any info on the content but I would guess this is more of a womans story line.
Lavyle Spencer is a consummate story teller. You can always count on her to keep a person interested. She writes wonderful love stories and that is what I like to read. If you too love a good love story, I can certainly recommend her books to you.
I liked this book but it wasn't my favorite Spencer book. This book would be better if it was shorter. I skimmed quite a bit.
I first read this book years ago in paperback, and loved it. Over the years I read it several times, I think having lived in coastal Massachusetts all of my life I related to the history that was involved in the story line. I found the love story very poignent Laura not wanting to hurt either man as she loved them both and the men not wanting to hurt the other as they were best friends. I was thrilled when I got my Kindle Fire for Christmas to find out this was availabee for Kindle, it was the first book I bought.
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