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Streiker's Bride - Robin Hardy

Streiker's Bride

Author: Robin Hardy
Book title: Streiker's Bride
ISBN: 097458293X
ISBN13: 978-0974582931
Publisher: Westford Press; 3 edition (December 1, 2003)
Language: English
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 590
Pages: 280 pages
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He had a lot to offer, but his terms were high. What would you do if you received the offer of a lifetime--marriage to a billionaire--with one catch: you had to make up your mind without ever seeing him? When lowly bank teller Adair Weiss receives such an offer from reclusive philanthropist Fletcher Streiker, she is dumbfounded and disbelieving: Why me? What does he know about me? What does he want? Rejecting his offer would mean the end of her dream of dancing. But accepting it would change her life in ways she never guessed. . . . Read the story and see if you can discover the hidden meaning. The Streiker Saga begins with Streiker's Bride, continues in Strieker: The Killdeer, and concludes in Streiker's Morning Sun.
Reviews: (7)
Streiker's Bride was a surprise. The opening was intriguing so I continued. Even when the hero ticked me off, I kept reading. By 1/2 way through the novel, I not only loved the story, I loved the story behind the story.
Ms. Hardy was opening my eyes to far more than an inspirational romance. She was opening my heart to wisdom about THE most inspiring romance ever.
I do not want to provide spoilers. Just read it. When it ticks you off, keep reading. Keep an open mind and heart. Like the legendary Tardis of Doctor Who, this novel is much bigger on the inside.
Thank you so much, Ms. Hardy, for writing what readers not only love, but NEED to read. I'm a bit wiser about far bigger issues today because of your writing.
Blessings from one author to another. :)
This review will be a little different from most as I am writing it as a person who has now read the entire series 3 times. I read Streiker's Bride once in the 90's, again around 2000 and a third time in 2011. The first time I was impressed with how beautiful a love story it was and how it so vividly paralled God's love for us. Every time I took a break, it was with a profound sense of awe that no book other than the Bible had ever impressed upon me. This book made me think, made me greatful and then left me with just an overall great sense of joy. Knowing that no matter what path I, or any of us travel God sees us in the crowd and longs to bring us into His world.

I just need to say that some things stay in your heart.

When I read the book again it was after Robin was gracious enough to allow it to be reprinted. I anxiously purchased the series again and poured myself into the books, reaquainting myself with the small details that had become fuzzy over the years. I never expected it to hit me with the same power as the first time - it was just suposed to be a simple re-read. How wrong was I? Because God's word is alway alive and always does what it is sent out to do - this is the surest proof that God used Robin as a willing vessel to create this story.

My third read last time, seemed to impact me stronger than the first two times. I found myself crying with joy as a read a story that I thought I knew well. I found myself blabbering about it to all my friends at work. The depth of the book hit them from my testimony. So then I found myself passing around my books. Everyone had the same dramatic response - no one able to put it down once starting.

I encourage anyone that wants a great read that leaves them feeling inspired, hopeful and loved to read this book. If you have faith it will grow. If you lack faith or want to have greater faith this book will touch you without being heavy-handed or judgemental. It doesn't matter what religion you are because its not about religion but about a love that reaches out and changes our world beyond our limited perceptions.
This is a wonderful, mysterious, meaningful, clean romance. Like CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien, there is a deeper meaning for you to discover as you read the book, but it is a wonderful book if read just for entertainment as well. However, it becomes a much richer experience if one starts to see the analogy of the romance with Jesus's love for each of us. Wonderful story and I really can't wait to read it again to discover what else I can glean from the story.
LOVE this book. Best of all... parents can rest assured that teens can also read this book. Teens and adults have both been hooked. This is one of my favorite series of all times along with her other series Chataine's Guardian. I didn't care for book 3 of this series but I know others who loved that style. These first 2 books have always been unanimously enjoyed!
Loves the trilogy of books! Have read these many times since they came out years ago! Thanks Robin Hardy for your gift at writing and telling a story. I bought these in Kindle so that I could have them at my fingertips since my paperback copies are in storage.
I read Streiker's Bride during my lunch hour whenever I could over several weeks. Those lunches were the highlight of my day. I found the story of Adair and the unusual courtship of her by the billionaire Fletcher to be engaging, suspenseful and fun. It reads in some ways like a detective mystery, where clues are revealed and the reader is always hoping to find out what will come next. Robin Hardy has a wonderful writing style and is a terrific storyteller. I remain struck at the different levels of meaning that she places within her books - out of this one, when one glimpses the depth of the story behind the story, what comes out is a sense of love that overwhelms you.

It was a real treat - I felt like Adair in the book dining at the fancy restaurant Poco's even though I was only having a sandwich.

The book ends a little too early I think - but then that is why I have purchased the sequel!
When I read this book, I didn't read the reviews, so I was unaware that it was an allegory. As I read it, my skeptical side kept saying "This unrealistic. Adair has her good points, but she self-centered, fickle, aimless, dense, boring and materialistic. What would make this great guy with high ideals choose her?" I finished the book feeling that it was a story that couldn't possibly happen in real life. I thought I must have missed something. I skimmed over it again to find out what redeeming qualities Adair had to make FS love her and really couldn't find anything. FS simply decided she belonged to him and that was it. To me, this was quite dissatisfying. People don't just love someone for no good reason. As I turned over the book, my eye caught the review referring to the book as an allegory. All at once, it became clear. I was Adair and God chose me, not for my wonderful personality and character, but because I belonged to him. I don't know if I have ever been so forcibly struck by the relative position between me and God and I thank the author for being the God's instrument in this revelation.
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