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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Night Moves (Doc Ford) - Randy Wayne White

Night Moves (Doc Ford)

Author: Randy Wayne White
Book title: Night Moves (Doc Ford)
ISBN: 039915812X
ISBN13: 978-0399158124
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons; Reprint edition (March 5, 2013)
Language: English
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Rating: 4.1/5
Votes: 628
Pages: 368 pages
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The stunning new thriller—the twentieth Doc Ford novel—from the New York Times–bestselling author.Both Doc Ford and his friend Tomlinson have buried secrets. Now one of those secrets is about to come alive—with a vengeance.While trying to solve one of Florida’s most profound secrets, Doc Ford is the target of a murder attempt by someone who wants to make it look like an accident. Or is the target actually Tomlinson? Whatever the answer, the liveaboards and fishing guides at Dinkin’s Bay on Sanibel Island are becoming increasingly nervous—and wary—after a near-poisoning, a plane crash, and an explosion make it apparent that Ford and Tomlinson are dangerous companions.What their small family of friends don’t know is that their secret pasts make it impossible for the two of them to go to the law for help. There is an assassin on the loose, and it is up to them to find the killer—before he (or she) finishes the job.
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White's Doc Ford novels have been hit-and-miss: the more recent books have focused more on Florida history and myth than Ford as an international operative, and the series is better for it, I think. In _Night Moves_, White combines the real-life incident of a flight of missing Avengers with the Florida fiction I am such a fan of. Ford is corralled into searching for the lost flight of Avengers, missing since the 1940s, and the goal of treasure hunters and aviation buffs for three quarters of a century. The search is sabotaged, Ford and compadres finding the tail section of a missing Avenger accidentally as a result. The story revolves around related questions: is the tail section from the missing flight? Who sabotaged the search aircraft - and why? White does a solid job of producing reasonable suspects, various outlaws and ne'er do wells that are common on the Florida waterfront, and provides tantalizing clues to the mystery of the Avenger.

These elements would otherwise earn _Night Moves_ a 4-star review. However, Whites' inclusion of a water dog (found and rescued while Ford and company are walking out of the Everglades following their crash) warrants a 5th star. Not so much because of the "bit with a dog" (a nod and a wink to Shakespeare In Love, but for White's allusion to his own dog, as written in his short story, "The Legend" found in Batfishing in the Rainforest: Strange Tales of Travel and Fishing ... the short story resonated with me powerfully, and it was bitter-sweet to see an homage made here. Any of White's Doc Ford stories make for idea summer reading - recommend, especially on the beach.
Night Moves is the best Doc Ford yet. The entire novel is told with a first-person narrative which allows us to see how Doc Ford feels and thinks. The action takes place at or near Dinkin's Bay Marina located on Sanibel Island in Florida. Old friends show up. New friends are introduced.

There is a lot going on. Someone is trying to kill Doc, Tomlinson, and/or Dan Futch, a pilot and old friend (new to us). The marina cat, Crunch & Des, is missing. Also, Doc finds a remarkable stray dog, a professional assassin is on "vacation" at the marina, another mysterious cruiser arrives at the marina, a Haitian drug dealer becomes a major problem, and Hannah Smith of the novel Gone makes a welcome appearance. In addition, Tomlinson is involved with a married lady who has dangerous in-laws. On top of everything else, Doc, Tomlinson, and Futch are attempting to locate the remains of Flight 19, five Navy torpedo bombers which disappeared on 5 December 1945 after departing the Fort Lauderdale Naval Air Station.

This is a great book. Night Moves will leave the reader looking forward to the next Hannah Smith and Doc Ford adventures, especially after reading the last few pages of this adventure.
This is another compelling Doc Ford story. It contains many of the elements I look forward to when I get a Doc Ford book. We have Ford and Tomlinson interacting. I just love both their personalities and their attributes. And the other denizens of Dinkins Bay, including Crunch and Des. And the sea creatures Doc works with. You get a lesson in marine biology when you read one of these stories. And the feel of being on the edge of southwest Florida. The pilot of the small plane is another hero. The villains here are motley and confusing. But that's OK.

As another viewer mentioned, Doc is less the hard-edge potential killer. He's making some mistakes. Is he losing his touch? Getting too old? He was getting physically soft in an earlier book and remedied that by a tough exercise program. He does more thinking things thru, which is good.

Oh, the ending. At least White didn't do as Conan Doyle did when he had Sherlock Holmes fall to his death over a waterfall. Doyle must have had a time bringing Holmes back in a convincing manner after that. So does Ford live or die? Presumably he lives to tell the tale, but maybe not. Maybe White is tired of the series.

Or maybe it's time for a change in the nature of the characters. I can't see Ford in a nine to five job, with a wife who drives a station wagon of kids around. Or mowing the lawn. He could settle down with the lady of his choice, still keep his biological supplies job. They both could go out as fishing guides. Maybe White wants to leave us with that in mind. I don't see a lot of material for Doc Ford stories if this happens, but then I don't have a writer's imagination.

I remember an earlier book where Tomlinson nearly died. Glad he made it, as I can't see a very good Ford novel without the both of them Incidentally, what kind of name is Sighurdr? Norse?
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