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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Void Moon - Michael Connelly

Void Moon

Author: Michael Connelly
Book title: Void Moon
ISBN: 0759580731
ISBN13: 978-0759580732
Publisher: iPublish.com (January 2000)
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 314
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Reviews: (7)
I didn't expect to like this book as much as I did. I kept waiting for Mickey Haller to turn up and put his special twist on the case, or for Harry Bosch to dive in and dig up the truth as only he can. That didn't happen. Instead, we have a one-woman wrecking crew of a hero who seems perfectly capable of taking on the bad guys all by herself, thank you very much. Yes, she's a thief. You'd think that would be pretty off-putting, but Connelly has a way of transforming all too human people into forces of nature we somehow care about. That's what happens here. Her cleverness was definitely the driving force behind the plot, and Connelly puts a great deal of time and effort into painstakingly explaining how she pulls off her various stunts. I can well imagine some readers finding this tedious and saying, "Get on with it." I didn't feel that way at all--I enjoyed the detail, just settled into it, and looked on it as part of her developing character. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll just say that the ending of this book--and it definitely builds to a true crescendo--is wonderfully satisfying. My pet peeve with most mysteries and detective books is that the author seems to run out of juice about ten pages shy of the ending, and just writes to get it over with. Always a mistake. Take heed, authors! Endings count! If the ending is no good, you might as well chuck the whole book. It's like planning a great dinner and then sitting down to discover you overgrilled the steak and no one can cut it. No amount of shopping, prep, ambiance, or great music makes up for that. Connelly is a master of great endings, and though this one didn't go quite the way I expected (or hoped), it was just right. Terrifically entertaining book, with one of the best female heroes in a long time. She's believable and not super-human, which makes her not only more likeable, but also more heroic. She leaves her cape at home and just gets it done.
I am a huge Michael Connelly fan and I've read the entire Harry Bosch series as well as most of the rest of his books. This might have become my favorite, I kept overlooking this title until last week. Connelly does such a great job of researching his books to make them as factually-accurate as fiction can be. He's also a master at taking a protagonist with major character flaws and making the reader learn to identify with or feel some empathy with the character. His twists and turns always leave me guessing until the end what the outcome will be. This was one that kept me up late at night as I just could not put it down.
This book had me spellbound in respect to who in the world were the bad guys and who would end up saving the day. When I finally did figure it out (which I know the author wanted to happen) I had no idea how Cassie was going to pull it off. This is a book that is written in such a manner that you don't want to disclose too much information about the story or it can ruin it for the reader. All I can say is book has an amazing story line and one fantastic ending.
Michael Connelly usually conjures up complex heroes and antiheroes acting out their sometimes conflicting personal and professional values while engaged in clever plots.

"Void Moon" is an interesting departure, weaving a complex plot chock full of nothing but antiheroes and double dealing.

It is fast paced, descriptive, and keeps you guessing right up to the final plot twist. However, the incessant detailing of every item of the main characters' activities quickly becomes too precious and boring. Simplify, simplify, simplify, please. Not many of us purchase books by the word count.
Author certainly knows Las Vegas and the workings of the casinos. Descriptions were accurate and vivid. Characters believable although a little complicated at the end, but very readable and enjoyable.
We listen to Audio Books and Michael Connelly is one of our favorite authors. We have listened to all the Lincoln Lawyer series and all the Harry Bosch books that have been recorded so far. We were a little curious to see how a new storyline would be handled.

We found Void Moon to be filled with suspense and people who seemed nice but soon proved to be otherwise.

(It was interesting to meet up with "Thelma", of the "Welcome Back, Thelma" banner mentioned in one of the Harry Bosch tapes.)

Totally enjoyed this book and couldn't wait to get our day to a place where we could resume listening to see what kind of mess Cassie had gotten herself into this time and how she would get out of it.

The information about Las Vegas casinos and hot prowls was informative and fascinating; the action never stopped and the surprises just kept coming.

Great story.
Unfortunately I have found this book sentimental in an old man’s way... I mean the writer’s . Gory and sentimental it’s not a good mix for me. “Where the ocean becomes the desert” , a formula that was repeated time and time again through the book, was just naff. The love between Cassie and Max was also silly and a cliché directly out of a Hollywood old film. I will go back to Bosch. . .
A well crafted crime story that moves along swiftly and contains almost no fluff- I quite enjoyed it, especially considering Harry Bosch and Michael Haller were nowhere to be found,.

Connelly’s characters are real and clearly defined and there is plenty of action to keep you engaged. Predictable ending, but by the time you get there you’re well satisfied.

Worth reading for sure.
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