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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

206 Bones (Thorndike Paperback Bestsellers) - Kathy Reichs

206 Bones (Thorndike Paperback Bestsellers)

Author: Kathy Reichs
Book title: 206 Bones (Thorndike Paperback Bestsellers)
ISBN: 1594134006
ISBN13: 978-1594134005
Publisher: Large Print Press; Large Print edition (June 22, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Mystery
Rating: 4.5/5
Votes: 760
Pages: 516 pages
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Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan regains consciousness to discover herself bound and trapped in a small enclosed space before remembering an autopsy case that resulted in a murder and an attempt on her life.
Reviews: (7)
The point Kathy Reich makes in this book is very important. In 1980 my mother, father and 16 year-old son where involved in a fatal car crash. My son was driving late at night when a drunk driver hit them from the rear at a speed of over 80 mph. My mother was thrown from the car and killed. My father was critically injured but, Thank God survived. My son was not seriously injured as he was awake driving and saw the truck was going to hit and was able to brace himself. Unfortunately my mother and father were asleep as they were returning from vacation. The drunk was arrested and the next morning when told he had killed someone had the following to say " Oh well, big deal. But the guy put the brakes on right in front of me and I had no place to go." He had no explanation for why he did not stop to help and only got caught because he got a flat tire a mile down the interstate and as the ambulance with my son in the front seat and my father in the back passed him and my son recognized the truck. In court the guy tried to blame it on my son but the State Police Lab was able, thanks to great science, to prove the brake light was not on at the time he hit them and had not been on for some time. So good science was able to convict the guy and let my son know he had done anythng wrong and killed his grandmother.

Kathy writes great books. I can not put them down. I have read 2 complete ones today and have no doubt I will fall asleep reading the next in the series tonight.

She is able to explain science in away anybody can understand it. And my high school French is coming back, at least as far as readng it. And having been once married to a French Canadian I have no trouble understanding the strange way they swear. My late mother-in-law's favorite curse was St.Citrion, or in English Saint Grapefruit.

So you keep writing Kathy and I'll keep reading and learning. Thank God for people like you.
A stunning and nightmare-inducing start. Good sub-plots. What's not to like? Every time you think "aha, just another Kathy Reichs novel," you get stuck in, and the word "just" gets dropped? Although not an adventure thriller as such, it is definitely a pageturner and the plot threads are skilfully interwoven. Tempe herself gets attacked repeatedly; not just in the dénouement, and the cities of Charlotte and Québec become increasingly real in the reader's mind.
This was fascinating since Tempe is trying to figure out connection between murders in Canada as well as murder of the son of one of her ex-husband's senior relatives' boyfriend. Simultaneously someone is trying to taint her reputation. The story alternated between her having been entombed alive to flashbacks to the above murders. She is still at odds with Ryan though working with him on the cases.
Her story shines through the science. Early reads by Reichs, I sometimes felt lost in scientific detail. Each book she writes seems to be better balanced. As any CSI devotes will tell you the answer is in the forensic details and we know Ms Reichs an expert but the story must be the "meat" of the book. "206 Bones" is best yet. Please keep them coming your loyal readers live in anticipation !
I had the opportunity to buy the full Kathy Reichs collection all at once and started reading from the beginning with Deja Dead. I would highly recommend doing it this way if at all possible. I just finished 206 Bones. It has been interesting to experience Reichs' style develop and change. 206 Bones is unique from Reichs' earlier works in that it starts out with Temperance disoriented, restrained, and trapped in a cold, dark space. The story unfolds as she tries to remember the prior events that got her to that place. This new approach worked well and added a little something different. As usual, great plot, 8-10 page chapters, teasers at the end of most chapters luring you in to the next chapter, lots of technical terms and explanations, etc. I'm looking forward to reading Spider Bones.
With the exception of 1 or 2, I have read every book that Kathy Reichs has put out. And, as usual, this book is typical and excellent without exception.

This book happens to be one of my favorite of the Tempe Brennan series. In this book she is accused of botching an autopsy, something that she seeks out to prove not true. Rather than the usual North Carolina or Montreal, Tempe is in Chicago. As usual, Andrew Ryan is on the scene, adding to the mix of sexual tension & adventure.

In the end, Reichs crafts up one of the most exciting endings to a book that I have ever read. It was fabulous & horrifying. It made me physically cringe. Phew.

Enjoy reading this novel; it is everything that you've come to expect from Kathy Reichs and her writing.
I have read her entire Temperance Brennan series and love that they are a fairly quick read as I do not have a lot of spare time. I can get through a book and not have to worry about having to sit it down for a few weeks and not remembering what all happened. Each book left me ready to read the next as this last one did...I cant wait for her to have a new book come out in this series....
I can only say the same thing over and over. This Brennan is so different from the TV show. I love the show and its characters' personalities. The personalities in the books are boring and this Brennan has emotional difficulties of which I tire. I like the TV bones and her comrades at the Jeffersonian. They remind me of the geniuses I worked with in the computer industry. In the books, you have none of those characters. The best comparable character is the Canadian detective Ryan and the TV Special Agent Booth. There is no Angela, Hodges, Cameron, etc. I wish I could read a book like the TV show.
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