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Miracles made easy - Jack Groverland

Miracles made easy

Author: Jack Groverland
Book title: Miracles made easy
ISBN: 0911197109
ISBN13: 978-0911197105
Publisher: Miracle Pub (1985)
Language: English
Rating: 4.7/5
Votes: 658
Pages: 138 pages
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Miracles made easy - Jack Groverland
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Miracles made easy - Jack Groverland
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Miracles made easy - Jack Groverland
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When I was a boy growing up in the slums of Hoboken, New Jersey, I had an ability that didn't seem strange to me then. Whenever my family was completely penniless and in need of a meal, I was able to pull money from the pocket of an old coat of mine. Although my family made a big deal out of it, I merely accepted the phenomenon as nothing special, since it never yielded more than a few bucks at a time. Years later, when economic circumstances improved and I no longer had the coat, I forgot about this miracle ability. The philosophy on the streets where I grew up was there was much more money to be made in less than honest ways. Though I never made very much money as a petty criminal, I did learn that suffering accompanies dishonesty. After a stint in the army, I set my sails for New York City and the Big Time. It was here that I met my wife, who helped me develop my writing career and a new model for success. My success was short-lived because my consciousness was still marred by the conditioning of my past. I wanted everything all at once and couldn t wait for things to unfold. I tried to force my own enlightenment and crashed and burned in the Big Apple. Once again, I found myself stone broke, and without a clue as to how life works. Jobless, homeless and with a wife and child, I thought I had two choices. I could commit suicide or find out what life was really about. I chose the latter. After twenty-four years on the quest, I have rediscovered the power available to all of us. It is through this power that we can transform anything in our lives. It is the power that works miracles.
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