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Always - Carol Rose


Author: Carol Rose
Book title: Always
ISBN: 0821760912
ISBN13: 978-0821760918
Publisher: Gems Contemporaries (1998)
Language: English
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 951
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Reviews: (7)
Honestly, some parts of Always were cute, but here's why I can't say that I was crazy about the book:

First of all, the descriptions were overdramtatic. I love flowery language and Carol Rose has a knack for it, but she went into Description Overkill in this book. After a while the descriptions struck me as cheesy and I found myself laughing instead of feeling what the character was feeling. If she'd pulled back a little more, the descriptions would have been just right.

Secondly, Elinor's love interest, Cole, wasn't all that interesting to me. He didn't read as a young man, he kind of reminded me of a senior citizen in a young man's body and I'm not sure why that is. Maybe because the way Cole spoke was oddly old-fashioned, like he was emulating Rhett Butler (and that would've been great if the setting was the South during The Civil War era, but it wasn't, it was supposed to be modern) or something.

Lastly, I wish she hadn't used the phrase "their lips mated" to describe a kiss, maybe it's just me, but I thought it sounded really, really, really, REALLY weird.

So, while Carol Rose is a good writer I can't say that I enjoyed Always, it was a little too cheesy for me, sorry : (
I must admit I almost didn't read the book because of some of the reviews I have seen. I was intrigued nonetheless and decided to do so and be my own judge.

I will not focus on what happened in the story as some of the reviews have already covered those up. I just would like to focus on what I thought went right and what didn't in my own opinion.

Good: I find Elinor a woman of will power as opposed to some of the comments I've read in other reviews. She was able to withstand as much as she could her belief on protecting the environment. Which I find too far from what she really does for a living, as an accountant. She also did not grab the first chance to get back together with Cole but instead maintained her self respect and just let things happen the way they should be. I like Cole as a person who believes in what he is capable of doing and going full force after it. His gesture to give back what is rightfully Elinor's (if he didn't legally grab it)represents how he remained as selfless despite the wealth that he so enjoys.

What went wrong? I believed the motivation of Cole to buy the property was not good enough. He shouldn't have expected something good from a greedy man who treated everybody the same way. It presented Cole as somebody who despite his strength in the business world was so sensitive to keep something of the past control him. The ending came abruptly as well. Though the love story between Cole and Elinor was built with no hurry, the author must have ran out of pages and ended the book suddenly.

Overall, this book would relax you and not give you an agitated feeling with all the third party scenarios just to create complexities within the story. Still recommended for an easy read.
Cole has a plan to get even for what he and his father went through while they were living in Bayville but everything changes when he meets Elinor. The plan was to buy Elinor's grandfather's house and land without anyone knowing he is the buyer. Elinor's grandfather, David, is not in good health and once he figures out it is Cole that is buying it he hands over everything to Elinor to deal with. After David passes Elinor feels great about the deal on the house until Cole's retailor pulls the cat out of the bag and she finds out everything. Elinor has fallen for Cole but with the information about him buying her family's house she knows he is no better than anyone else who has money to burn. Great story of reading between the lines and not everyone book has the same things within.
Funny,sad, quirky sorta rags to riches love story. Both Ely & Cole have funky cold past's then get hit on in bits throughout the Very Compressed time frame. I found myself pretty disgusted with them both as they sexually self-combust and then play freeze out over practically nothing! So she saw him dancing w/someone else the night after he danced with her...REALLY, no I mean REALLY!? dug-in-manger or just jealous much?
Dunk tank started pretty cute but ended just pathetic, how much dunking did he figure was gonna be enough? til She gave up, obviously. That wasn't anything but humiliation,costune included. Gag a maggot.
By the end of the book I was sick of all the characters but still liked the house.
This story was about average for a romance. I enjoyed the story even though it was very predictable and the believability of the crisis was a bit strained. The only really negative thing I have to say is there were hyphens splitting up words that shouldn't have been divided on practically every page and they interrupted the flow of the story. There were also several places that I had to stop and figure out what word was really supposed to be there to make sense. However, I don't believe that reading it was a waste of time and if you're in the mood for an easy, pleasant read, you could do a lot worse than this one.
I really disliked the female character. I don't understand why male characters can have issues that they hang onto until they meet that "one" special woman.

The female character has to hang on to her issue until practically the very end of the book, unwilling to give anyone a chance, but succumbing to the male lead physically and justifying it by falling in love.

I found Elinor to be extremely irritating. Even for Cole to have ulterior motives about the house, I still felt he was more straight forward then Elinor.
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