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Emmanuelle - Guido Crepax


Author: Guido Crepax
Book title: Emmanuelle
ISBN: 0802102069
ISBN13: 978-0802102065
Publisher: Grove Press; First English Edition edition (1980)
Language: English
Rating: 4.5/5
Votes: 289
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Reviews: (7)
Beautifully written, classy, sexy and stimulating! So much has been written, through the years, about this book and its sequels, as well as "The Story of O", that I wish to mention here, what I find most interesting, is the back-story to its creation...I have read that Emmanuelle Arsan is the pen name of Marayat Bibidh and later known as Marayat Rollet-Andriane, born in Thailand. She was the wife of a French Diplomat, who could possibly be the actual writer of "Emmanuelle". In any case, the story is rumored to be somewhat autobiographical in nature. While no one knows for sure, with absolute certainty, it makes the reading of "Emmanuelle" that much more intriguing!
"Emmanuelle", "Emmanuelle 2" and "The Story of O" are, without a doubt, three of the most influential and artfully written erotic novels of the past century! Emmanuelle Arsan has taken "Emmanuelle" and evolved her into an archetype of female lust, which has been seeded and grown meticulously. More confident, assertive and eager to experience her continued sexual explorations, Emmanuelle has become the feminine embodiment of passive-aggressive sexuality in the best sense of the expression, both seeking "love" and willing to be the object of "love", she is becoming more comfortable with the dichotomies of the human sexual experience. Classic erotica at its best!
The first part of the book was intensely erotic, and the language used was simply beautiful. However, I can't help but agree with other reviewers that the second half was hard to get through. It didn't really seem to wrap anything up, and the 'philosophy' espoused in a condescending manner by one of the main characters seemed pretentious and too try-hard to me.
The novel Emmanuelle is a little vapid, but fun to read after seeing the soft-core film that came out in 1975. Actually, that first film spawned 6 additional Emmanuelle films in the next 15 years. Imagine a hot-blooded young French girl, who's barely old to vote, coming to Bangkok to join her new husband, who works in the French embassy. All the players in this little story are quite libidinous. After arriving, Emmanuelle proceeds to meet 3-4 women, all of whom she falls in love with, and her husband wants to see her expand her sexual horizons and sleep with some male companions he introduces her to. And the story goes on. It's a quick read, a good page turner. I enjoyed it. Now I'd like to go back and try to find a couple more titles from the Emmanuelle film collection on DVD.
I am familiar with the story and bought this to add to my collection. Fine erotic literature. Softer than "O" but still sensual.
Good book, taking me back to memories of the movie and book in the '70s.
This begins as an erotic story but becomes a dialog of philosophy about sex. It was well written but I lost interest.
Crepax has done a good job with this modern classic of erotic writing, keeping his promise of being "erotic but not vulgar." He stays lose to Arsan's original story, rendering it in his distinctive style of pen-drawings, delicate and based on lines rather than tones. The result is generally satisfying. It's a well-styled piece of adult story telling, but never quite finds whatever it is that makes a visual story truly memorable.

For one thing, Crepax's comic rendering suffers all the weaknesses of the original story, including a washed-out central character and some passages where French philosophy is injected like literary Novacaine. Then, the story displays Crepax's own manner (or flaws) as an illustrator. His signature style emphasizes line at the expense of volume and mass. His characters sometimes suffer oddly asymmetric features, a distortion with no apparent narrative purpose. Still, he renders figures with real passion, even the unusual figures such as Bea, and especially those figures in the throes of passion.

Crepax's Emmanuelle is far better drawn, in both pictures and words, than most 'adult' comics. It's truer to the book than Sylvie Kristal's movie. It's enjoyable in many ways, but I can give it only a lukewarm recommendation. Lots of erotica out there is at least as satisfying - maybe this will work for you, but maybe not.

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