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Zeppelins of World War I - Wilbur Cross

Zeppelins of World War I

Author: Wilbur Cross
Book title: Zeppelins of World War I
ISBN: 0595157734
ISBN13: 978-0595157730
Publisher: iUniverse (January 21, 2001)
Language: English
Category: Humanities
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 850
Pages: 236 pages
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Zeppelins of World War I details the saga of the most daring aerial campaigns of the Great War, the story of the development of dirigibles by Germany as machines of war, the psychological horror of air raids on London, the heroic efforts of Englands fighter pilots to shoot down these invading monsters and the consequent failure of Zeppelins to bring England to its knees.
Reviews: (6)
Seller great. Very Nice Book on a forgotten part of WWI Aircraft.
Not many photos but the information lets me draw enough of a mental picture that this book is helpful
An interesting look at zeppelins during wartime, although it does lack depth or breadth. This is the first book I've read on the subject, and so I was for more.
ok could have used more maps pictures diagrams etc. - ok overview
This is a true story of the Zepplin attacks on England , it is just a fantastic read of WW1
This book tells the little known story (today) of the use of Zeppelins, which contain an internal frame and are also called dirigibles, by Germany to bomb London at night. Wilbur Cross leads you through the developement of the Zeppelins, and their use in the war. Many missions, with flotilas of dirigibles each hundreds of feet long, are described in minute detail. Several German officers are portrayed, most were gallant and intelligent, many were killed, another illustration of the ultimate waste of war.
Cross also writes of the effort of England to upgrade weapons, mostly biplanes and improved ordnance, to destroy the Zeppelins, and Germanys' attempt to upgrade the effectiveness of their Zeppelins. Terrorizing the populace of London was one result of the Zeppelin bombing, that is covered along with damage caused by the Zeppelins and their effect on the outcome of the war. Finally, continued postwar developement of the Zeppelin is covered to some extent. This was a very enjoyable and readable account for me.
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