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Zazie dans le métro (French Edition) - Gallimard Folio edition,Raymond Queneau

Zazie dans le métro (French Edition)

Author: Gallimard Folio edition,Raymond Queneau
Book title: Zazie dans le métro (French Edition)
ISBN: 2070528138
ISBN13: 978-2070528134
Publisher: French and European Publications Inc (October 19, 1999)
Language: French
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 947
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Zazie débarque à Paris pour la première fois chez son tonton Gabriel. Le Panthéon, les Invalides et le tombeau du véritable Napoléon, elle s'en contrefiche. Mais kess-qui l'intéresse alors, Zazie? Le métro. Et quand elle apprend que les employés sont en grève, elle leur envoie une volée d'injures. C'est qu'il vaut mieux pas la contrarier, la mouflette!
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This book is in great shape and I can't wait to read it. I placed my order on February 27, 2014 and I live on the east coast (USA) so it got here on Wednesday which I think is pretty quick for a book coming from so far.
Like his hero Lewis Carroll, Raymond Queneau was a polyglot, and a mathematician with a love of patterns, forms and games. He wrote a study of dog language in Carroll's 'Sylvie and Bruno', and 'Zazie' is his update of Alice to the Parisian Wonderland of the late 1950s, although it is not clear whether Zazie is an anti-Alice, bringing chaos to a normal society, or whether she is a precocious, sensible, curious (if foul-mouthed) child faced with a blinkingly unstable universe: Zazie is notably passive in the book's final third, when the linguistic, philosophical, temporal, narrative, spatial and sexual dissolutions collapse into a frenzy of barmy physical violence.
the book as a whole sees Rabelais and Diderot rewriting the Arabian Nights. Each chapter plays like a Ionesco drama, a sustained, rhythmic dialogue where the disparity between bizarre event and the disintegrating attempts of language to express it, creates a gap where logic contracts, explodes and comes back together in an hilarious anti-logic. Not only are the borders of dream and reality, plausibility and fantasy, role play and identity broken down, but Queneau's narrative procedures - at once Joycean in its plenitude, and startling in its gaping ellipses - further confuse the reader.
'Zazie' is Queneau's most 'plausible' novel, in that much of its fun lies in its Parisian locales, and its comedy at the expense of romantic cliches about the city; but it is also a true Surrealist novel, both in breaking down the normality of the real, and in asserting that the only way you can get what you want is to dream.
Raymond Queneau has written a strange but tantalizing little novel about an adolescent named Zazie... she has a New York accent, and the mouth of a Henry Miller. Her misadventures in Paris, prove challenging to those around her,and amusing to the reader. It's am amusing collage of seemimgly misplaced dialogue and eccentric characters, yet is easy to read and laugh with.
(Note: Queneau is, I think, an underappreciated genius. You can find out more about him by looking up the book "The OULIPO COMPENDIUM" here at Amazon, which contains his extraordinary "One-hundred-trillion sonnets." "Oulipans: rats who build the labyrinth from which they plan to escape" -- Raymond Queneau).
Zazie is less of a labyrinth and more of a amusement park, a good introduction to this imaginative writer. Probably not for those easily offended (nor is "Zazie" herself), but a little treasure worth looking for.
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