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Religion & Spirituality

Ghost Files - Jeff Belanger

Ghost Files

Author: Jeff Belanger
Book title: Ghost Files
ISBN: 1564149749
ISBN13: 978-1564149749
Publisher: Career Press (March 4, 2009)
Language: English
Category: Occult & Paranormal
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 743
Pages: 224 pages
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In 1999, Ghostvillage.com was launched with the objective of exploring and openly discussing the subject of ghosts and the supernatural. What started then as six Web pages has exploded into more than 150,000 pages of personal encounters, research articles, and in-depth interviews with various experts, all supporting the existence of ghosts. Today, Ghostvillage.com is the largest and most popular supernatural Web site, according to Google. People from around the world have found a place to share their encounters, evidence, and thoughts on the paranormal.

Now Jeff Belanger, the man behind this groundbreaking website, brings you The Ghost Files, a new book featuring compelling evidence and riveting discussion on one of the greatest mysteries of the human experience: what happens after death? Culled from the pages and files of Ghostvillage.com, this book offers dozens of personal and profound accounts of ghost encounters, feature articles, commentary from the experts, and much more. Something like a "best of" the paranormal, it covers topics such as:Animal spiritsFolkloreGhost huntingHistoric hauntsNear-death experiencesPossessionPsychicsSkepticismSpirit communication

The Ghost Files is for fans of ghost stories and paranormal investigation, as well as for anyone who wants to understand the supernatural experience. Objective and open, it dares to go into dark corners, haunted places, and other locales where ghosts lurk and hide. If you're looking for new insight on an ancient mystery, this is the book for you.

Reviews: (7)
Jeff Belanger has done it again in writing a well thought of and well written report (others would call it a book) on the psychology, origins, and investigations of haunting's within the paranormal field.

Mr. Belanger uses within his writing both scientific, and religious, methods to explain and make sense of the case he is striving to present to the audience in a fair and balanced manner. This case is the existence of ghosts and departed loved ones within the very mist of our everyday lives. The book uses interviews from a variety of sources including paranormal historians, investigators, skeptics, religious officials, psychologists, and everyday people with scarring paranormal experiences which allow the reader to form his/her own fair and independent analysis of the case presented.

Any reader who purchases this book looking for a worthy, and balanced read on the paranormal is in good hands and about to be thoroughly enlightened.
This book, while entertainingly written, is unoriginal as it admittedly takes its source material from other peoples' submissions to the author's website. While the paranormal is a joke to Belanger, the people who actually experienced these things were profoundly affected. Don't waste your money giving it to yet another re-teller of other peoples' stories.
I found this book interesting and would recommend it . It gave me a few things to think about in it.
Nothing new to read in this book. I regretted this purchase. Look for another title on this subject. I gave it away to somebody else.
i thought this book was going to be like his first book lots of true ghost stories but it seems like he just wanted to explain about ghosts no one cares we just want true stories wont be fooled again bren
Jeff's done it again. I totally disagree with Brenda. It seems she might of been having a bad day. Then again, we all have our opinions. . . I for one, found this book to be fascinating! The heading says it all, encounters, discussion, and research should give you a clue as to the content of this book. Once again, Jeff delivers! By the way, I really enjoyed the chapter on the Dibbuk box. Terrifying!

Keep up the good work. I look forward to purchasing your next one!

Ghosty girl
This is one of my favorite books by Jeff. It's got a bunch of ghost encounters from people all over the place, plus he explores some of the more fascinating aspects of ghosts -- like possession, animal ghosts, and psychics. I especially appreciated the section on skeptics. He isn't afraid to point out that sometimes it isn't a ghost at all.

Some of his other books talk about where to find ghostly legends, this is more about the how and why of encounters from the mouths of some of the leading experts in the field of paranormal research.
Very good and interesting book, I believe if you are interested in this kind of subject matter, you will love this book.
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