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Practical Intuition - Laura Day

Practical Intuition

Author: Laura Day
Book title: Practical Intuition
ISBN: 0694517488
ISBN13: 978-0694517480
Publisher: HarperAudio (October 15, 1996)
Language: English
Category: Occult & Paranormal
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 373
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Practical Intuition provides the tools you need to develop your intuitive potential to its fullest. Through exercises, first-person accounts, and real-life examples, you'll discover how to harness this remarkable ability and bring new depth to every decision you make. Intuition can provide insight into all areas of life, from romance and health to career opportunities and the stock market. As revealed in fascinating personal stories, Laura Day has tutored even the most hard-core skeptics in how to use their intuitive abilities - realistic, practical professionals in business, finance, medicine, and other careers, who now make intuitive decision-making a vital pert of their lives.

Based on her private seminar, "Practical Intuiton," given throughout the world, Laura Day now shares with everyone the keys to unlocking the amazing and effective power of intuition - the power that can improve every aspect of your life.

Laura Day's Practical Intuition for Success is also available from Harper Audio.

Reviews: (7)
This book was suggested to me to read. I found I am beyond this book in some areas but did gleen some things out of it.

I was not fond of the practices inside the book. More time could have been spent on another aspect of intuition.

I do, however, suggest someone to read it by borrowing it from a friend. If you like to make notes in a margin, then by all means buy one.
This is the BEST book on intuition that I have ever read. It really breaks the concept of intuition into a very understandable process. I was illuminated into understanding how it works and then how to interpret the bits of seemingly fragmented data that one receives. The exercises are incredibly helpful, as reading about this is one thing, but you won’t fully get this unless you do the exercise.

I read the book and did the exercises with a friend. It made it much more fun because we also helped each other with interpretations when they seemed confusing.

And finally, because Laura emphasizes how this is a practical and empirical process, you answer your questions several times so that at the end, you can weave a full answer about your question.
Once upon a time, I was in the thrall of Laura Day and would've probably sawed off my arm if she said it was a good idea. I'm older and wiser, but still find this book a relaxing and entertaining read. What's more fascinating to me is how she built a career out of intuiting things for people who seem to have much more money than (intuition). I ordered the paper copy so I could do the exercises (which require flipping to other pages) without losing my electronic place. It was in great condition, and arrived right when my intuition said it would - 2 days!
Be as skeptical as you like, but if you have an open mind you'll have to wonder at least a little bit about all the rest of existence that we can't see and don't understand. My belief is that anyone who can shut out the madness can begin to hear what I call whispers that we routinely push aside or ignore. Countless times the correct answer to a problem would come to me and I had no idea how that had happened. As I got older, I lost trust in these flashes of insight (when other people demanded explanations), and forced myself to plod through things step by step - usually to arrive at the exact same answer. In any case, it is an entertaining book and does pose some very interesting questions for introspection.
One of the best, most practical books about intuition and how to develop it that I've read. I am presently two-thirds through this book, doing ALL of the exercises (without cheating :-) and can say that Laura Day does, indeed, give very practical advice and exercises. Sometimes it is not very clear what you are doing or why, but she always ties the exercises together, and also ties them to your very own, concrete questions that you are asked to write and revise early on in the book.

Stick with this. Take time. DO the exercises! They are not long, and are quite easy.

Even though I have been a shamanic practitioner for almost a decade, I was shocked by the accuracy of the information that came to me this morning in one of the exercises. I realize that I've been getting very, very good intuitive information for a long, long time. Learning how to interpret that information is where I need to focus my efforts, and this book is helping me do that in solid, concrete ways.
Fun read - interesting information that shows that we are educated to not be as naturally receptive as when we are very young.
Good read
This is a perpetually useful book. It has a great sequence . Tells me everything I need to create a framework for reading. The exercises still surprise me and refine my abilities.
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