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Religion & Spirituality

Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil - Liz Greene

Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil

Author: Liz Greene
Book title: Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil
ISBN: 0877283060
ISBN13: 978-0877283065
Publisher: Weiser Books (June 1, 1976)
Language: English
Category: New Age & Spirituality
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 230
Pages: 200 pages
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A major step in unveiling the truth about Saturn, so long interpreted as a "malefic" planet. This book traces the character of this most important planet through sign, house, aspect, synastry, and looks at its role in mythology. The author introduces us to Saturn and reveals the face of the Initiator whose price is honesty and whose gift is truth.
Reviews: (7)
This is one of the most misleading astrology books I have ever read. It is promoted as a book that sheds constructive light on Saturn and potentially positive qualities that are possible, versus constricting and fatalistic. However, every single interpretation of Saturn with every single possible aspect, whether natal or synastry, whether house, planet or sign, is gone in depth in a very negative traditional sense of the malefic. Overwhelmingly so. I was very disappointed that a book that is supposedly more modern and constructive in its interpretation of Saturn reads like any other "old" traditional set of interpretations, with a deep focus on what other writers would call "afflictions" (hard aspects)--but Greene uses that as her default. What a waste of time and money. I do not recommend. For more useful interpretations of Saturn with a balance that includes a deep interpretation of soft aspects, refer to Robert Pelletier, Frances Sakoian & Louis S. Acker, or Bernie Ashman, just for starters.
I'm dabbling in astrology, and due to my own Saturn configurations, I thought this was a good book for what it is. I think it captures the spirit of all that Saturn represents and is a nice little guide map through Saturn, if you will -- breaking his influence down through the by sign, house, element, aspect, and a whole section on synastry. If you're into astrology and actively building a library, I think it adds value to your understanding of the subject. Other than my own personal ideological disagreements with Greene's viewpoints, and a general distaste for modern astrology, I felt I learned a lot and others can too, even if like me, you don't agree/like all of it. Her writing is very dense and smacks of early turn-of-the-century occultists' writings, so if you're familiar with the styles of, say, Dion Fortune or others from the time period, you should be okay. I don't mind it myself, I think people more used to reading pop astrology will have a more difficult time of it unless they're well read, so keep that in mind. I would think it should go without saying that this is not the book for a person who likes to read their daily horoscope in the newspaper and expects it to be that easily readable. You're going to have to, ha ha, bend to Saturn's discipline to appreciate it. ;)
This is a terrible book! It's a mish-mash of unintelligible jargon. Non sequitor. Her worst book. I don't like her prose on this one. She's confused and out of touch. Prolix. Antiquated concepts. Too Jungian.
I like how liz greene writes. With it being psychology based, it makes it believable. She says that god and the devil are internal conflicts, and we can learn with difficult uncomfortable aspects. Trying to understand how the world is for oneself, and why it is, how it is different between individuals.
Over the years, I have given away so many copies of this book to people. I can't remember the year i first read it, but sometime around 1976 the year it was first published. This one, her first remains her best work in my opinion and has assisted me personally on many occasions - not only with my understanding of friends and lovers over the years, but most importantly in coming to a raw real face-to-face understanding of myself, my own gunas, the stellar gifts & curses I was born with. So, a big 'Thank You' to Liz Greene.

Some of her later books became slightly more commercial and meandering as her success grew, but this one is pure and untainted by her later popularity. I saw Liz at an astrology conference back in the 1970s and in those days she was a gorgeous red head - a babe indeed, a bit rare for astrologers in general who tend to be Uranian eccentrics. Many were and still are flat out jealous of her. Liz Greene has made an enormous contribution to the field of astrology. This book is a jewel and I was happy to see it on Kindle. Thanks, amazon!
This book gave me a real insight on the energies associated with Saturn. Liz gives an amazing interpretation on the role of Saturn in your natal astrology chart.
Reading this book I found everything I needed to understand deep meanings of Saturn in natal chart. As other reviewers I should also admit: it is one of the best books on Saturn so far! Good for every astrologer, it can be especially useful for those who have critical mind and eager to improve themselves. It is just brilliant how Liz Greene explains Saturn character and twists positive and negative sides showing it as a whole and at the same time as a part of our ego.
After reading this book I reconsidered the role of the strong and dark planet in my chart. And I think most of the astrologers with Saturn hard aspects in their chart would do the same. It is also would be interesting for people who have their chart done or someone in their family so they could analyze some of the behavior patterns in their family.
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