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The Valcourt Heiress (Medieval Song Quartet) - Catherine Coulter

The Valcourt Heiress (Medieval Song Quartet)

Author: Catherine Coulter
Book title: The Valcourt Heiress (Medieval Song Quartet)
ISBN: 159413510X
ISBN13: 978-1594135101
Publisher: Large Print Press; Large Print edition (November 1, 2011)
Language: English
Category: Historical
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 505
Pages: 510 pages
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Returning home from the king's service, Baron Wareham finds his castle nearly destroyed by the elusive Black Demon and teams up with the illegitimate but educated daughter of a priest to restore his home, an effort complicated by mysteries about the woman's identity and the Black Demon's agenda. Simultaneous. (romance).
Reviews: (7)
As a romance novel, this book sucked. There was NO romance. The best you get is at one point the hero looks at the heroine and decides that he's fond of her. The whole "driving force" behind their romance is her desire not to be foisted off on someone worse, and his desire not to get into trouble for accidentally stealing an heiress.

As historical fiction, it was ok. Unlike a lot of people who were unimpressed with the characters, I didn't mind them so much. They were a bit wooden, underdeveloped. . .but they were fine. My guess is that this is the first attempted novel of a shadow writer taking over Coulter's romance genre. There was a lot of promise to the story line. . .but her grand villain and her evil witch just fell flat at the end and the "big plot twist" made me wince at the bad cliche. There was a lot of meat to work with in the story. . .just a bit more practice and whoever this newcomer is should do just fine for him/herself. I am surprised that the editors didn't whip this into better shape before release.

Not a page turner, definitely a bit slow, but all in all I am not too disappointed.
Who is Merry? The bastard daughter of a village priest or the Heiress to a rich Estate? This is the problem confronting Garron of Kersey who is loyal to the King who might not allow marriage to the Heiress , but admires the spunky daughter who organizes his castle that was "set to ruin" by and evil lord seeking silver stolen from his father.
Merry is not afraid of danger, but refuses to be married off to the man her mother selects for her simply to control fortune of the Valcourt Estate.
As is Coulter's habit, this book is fast paced and contains a lot of humor, intrigue and romance. A good read.
This was an interesting read as usually the castle of the hero is at the very least full of interesting characters and knights practicing, however this one seems deserted. Good plot, great characters. Definitely a good book.
So I love CC's Song Series and, like many other reviewers, was super excited to get my hands on this book. Thank God I only paid a few bucks for the hardback because that is all this is worth, in my opinion.

First off, I love the Song Series for the fantastic characters - especially when old favorites reappear and we get to see how they're doing - and, of course, the romance! Both of those were missing from The Valcourt Heiress, which I would classify as more of a paranormal fairytale. As such, it wasn't a bad read but disappointing those who were expecting a continuation of this generally great series.
I'm a big fan of Catherine Coulter especially her medieval books and have every book she's ever written. She's been away from this time period for awhile so I was very excited to hear that she had returned. This one just didn't sparkle. In the past her main characters had a witty sparkle individually that multipled when they were together. I liked the two main characters Garron and Merry by themselves but there was no punch when they were together. The storyline seemed to drag and some of the dialog was clunky. Then the plot went into no mans land. I couldn't wait for the story to end. Wait. I couldn't even finish it. Went to the end, found out who did what then removed it from my kindle. Sorry Catherine.
Wow! Where do I begin?
I bought the hardcover version on August 6 2012 at an unbelievable low price of $1.99. Because of the low cost and the endless barrage of low reviews it sat on my book shelf until yesterday December 29 2013 when I decided to finish off all my printed books before going into the New Year. My, my, what a surprise! As I relaxed on my couch I read this 368 page book in 1 day! It was so great I could not put it down. I have no idea which book the other reviewers read that accounted for all the negative reviews but it couldn't be the Valcourt Heiress. It could not be this engaging, comedic and light romance between my Garron and Merry. And to think I would have never discovered that this was the final book to the Medieval Song Series which begins with Warrior's Song. The same series that I have read 3 times in a row over the past years. Imagine my delight in hearing about past characters like Dienwald and Philippa, Graelam and Kassia and wondering of what became of Chandra and Jerval. To think this beautiful book full of villains, witchcraft, resilience and heart would have sat there unread...sigh...how sad....

This is a lesson which I will make as one of my New Year's resolutions. "Don't let other people opinions sway you, everyone is different, therefore interprets things differently. If you buy it, try it, if you like it, shout it, and if you hate it, don't lambast it, but mildly berate it!"

Thanks Ms Coulter, not only does the Valcourt Heiress have the most exquisite cover page I have ever seen, but the book is a delightful read, the characters witty, the plot myriad and unpredictable, and the hero and heroine very likable, fun, charming and realistic.
Let me preface this review by saying I think Catherine Coulter has some fantastic books. Partway through THIS book I started wondering why I had downloaded this particular book (the writing seemed amateur and stilted) and I wanted to see who the author was so I wouldn't download anymore from her. My jaw dropped when I saw it was a Catherine Coulter book. I have loved all the Catherine Coulter books I have ever read to this point - this one, not so much.... Disappointed to say the least!
Bought this to replace the same book I lost that I had gotten from the library! Cheaper than paying their fine!
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