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Spell Of The Highlander - Karen Marie Moning

Spell Of The Highlander

Author: Karen Marie Moning
Book title: Spell Of The Highlander
ISBN: 0786280719
ISBN13: 978-0786280711
Publisher: Thorndike Press; 1 edition (December 8, 2005)
Language: English
Category: Historical
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 189
Pages: 544 pages
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A New York Times Bestseller

Powerful. Sensual. Seductive. He is all that is shamelessly erotic in a man. In her sexiest Highlander novel yet, Karen Marie Moning stirs up a sizzling brew of ancient mystery and modern passion as she brings together a devilishly handsome Celtic warrior trapped in time . . . and the woman who's about to pay the ultimate price for freeing him. It's a relationship for the ages - and all that separates them is a mere thirteen hundred years.

Available only in Basic 6 & 7.

Reviews: (7)
What happened to the "other two"??

First, on this book. The plot is "standard " KMM. Hawt alpha male who's crazy attracted to this chick. Gorgeous (but doesn't really know it) who's crazy attracted back but is scared of it because she's never had a real relationship/thinks he only wants sex/is crazily attached to her v-card like this is Ye Olden Dayes and it determines her value. Hawty and Gorgeous have to go on the run, make out furiously at every chance, figure out they're in love, love saves the day. That sounds a bit dismissive but it's a "standard" because as long as the characters are well written (these are) and the reason for going on the run makes sense/is fun (this is), it works. I far prefer it to the other romance standard ('I hate you/the fact that I'm attracted to you, we argue constantly, then decide in the last 3 chapters that I actually love you instead')

The women are well written and fleshed out (moreso than the guys but not ridiculously so),, the dialogue is organic and natural, and I literally lol'd at some description or quip (in all 4 of the later books, the first 3 were 'meh' IMHO).

Now onto my real reason for review, which has ...

SPOILERS! (light) for both this and the Fever series. Seriously, very light

What happened to the Other Two?? I'm going to post this same question on a review of that series last book, but since these books are so old I figured asking in two places has a better chance of getting an answer. Let me preempt this by saying I didn't really like the Fever series so I only read it once (vs multiple times for this series) so I could have just missed it because they were years apart buuuuuut.... In the end note to this book, KMM says we'll definitely see more of the MacKelters and "two other [powerful] druids" - who the heck were they? I remember one of the modern line teenish MacKelter sons coming up as a college student but don't recall him *doing* much more than explaining some things about the world, giving some advice, maybe helping open something at the end. Who was the 5th? Barrons? Did he ever do anything Druid-y besides using some spells? If anything, after rereading this book, I would have pegged him as antihero sorcerer (say, medium grey vs dark) with some sort of unexplained-ish curse.

Help me, Amazon readers, you're my only hope :)
This is another one of my favorites by Karen Marie Moning. This is a standalone and can be read on its own but there are characters from previous books in this series that are worth looking into plus the other stories are great as well. This story does contain sexual scenes that are somewhat hot and in the standard for which she writes in all her previous books.

This story is about Cian McKelter and his mate Jessi St. James. Cian is trapped in an unseelie prison that has a mirror as a doorway into the real world. He is a sorcerer who delves in black magic which a Kelter male should not be because his family lineage was chosen by the Tuatha De Danaan (or fairy as the people call them from legends) to care for the lands and hold up the magical wards that separate the human world from the magical one. Cian and all the males in the Kelter line are Druids. Cian is from the ninth century and became trapped in the mirror by another person who considered himself a magical Druid and wanted to become stronger by learning from other druids by stealing their magic so Cian was tricked into doing a bad thing and he ended up killing a lot of people and then was trapped by the other Druid whose name is Lucan.

Because they are both bound to the mirror by paying a tithe to it both Lucan and Cian are immortal. This story takes place in the 20th century. It is about Cian trying to destroy Lucan by preventing the tithe to be past on Halloween night and in the process his Mirror is left in the hands of Jessi St James who is an archeological student after it is delivered to her bosses office and he is killed for having it and now Lucan and his men are after the mirror and want to kill Jessi.

So, in order to be saved, Jessi must release Cian from the mirror by chanting a spell for which he is able to leave his prison for an unknown amount of time. It is during the process of protecting Jessi, Cian starts to develop feelings for Jessi and then they develop feelings for one another and Cian tries to seduce her in the process after he finds out Jessi is his mate. They then travel to Scotland to get away from Lucan and in the process of acquiring camping gear Cian runs into a member of his family line, his futuristic relatives who aide him in his quest to get rid of Lucan.

It was nice to read about the other characters in this story because the book actually starts off with what happened at the end of the last book in a prologue. And you got to find out what happened next with them how their lives turned out. I thought the book was easy to follow and you had romance and sensual scenes and of course a happily ever after. I'm just sad that this was the last book she wrote about her time traveling Highlander's and she goes on to write her Fever series.
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