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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Chimaera's Copper (Kelvin of Rud, No. 3) - Robert Margroff,Piers Anthony

Chimaera's Copper (Kelvin of Rud, No. 3)

Author: Robert Margroff,Piers Anthony
Book title: Chimaera's Copper (Kelvin of Rud, No. 3)
ISBN: 0812509153
ISBN13: 978-0812509151
Publisher: Tor Books (May 15, 1991)
Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 499
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When his two deadliest enemies join forces to take revenge on him, Kelvin is trapped in the distant Frame World and must escape in order to save the woman he loves, who carries their unborn child. Reissue.
Reviews: (4)
I actually found this book of the "dragon's gold" series first. I didn't read it until having found the others so I could go in order.

The concepts in this story are interesting, fairly well executed, and nicely written. I think most people's problem with this book is that familiarity breeds contempt. The repeating themes in this series can be a bit of a drag and could have been handled better if it was one book rather than five separate ones trying to appeal to more readers who might not have read the first ones. As a stand alone story this one would fall flat.

In plays and stories of all kinds, the middle act tends to be more depressing. The forces of evil gain power, the forces of good struggle to survive. Its not usually the part that people look forward to in a story, but it makes the payoff at the end all the better. If there was nothing bad in the world, then the hero would have no reason to fight. There are many things introduced in this story that become critical later on in the series so if you are into it this far, you'll want to know what happens in the middle.
Some authors work on bulk. The problem is that once an author is established (s)he can write and write and no one seems to care if the writing turns to junk. Copper is a perfect example. The cliches are forced and painful. The writing isn't too bad, but there's nothing there to make a reader care. The characters have no depth, and the basis of the entire plot is unimaginative. The idea might have been interesting in book one (and I stess MIGHT HAVE) but by the third installment of the series, we really need something fresh and new. Not rehash.
Anthony will continue to churn out 2-3 books per year. His name is firmly established and bookstores eat up big names. But until he sits down, thinks up a good idea and takes the time to pull it off, don't bother. Personally, I'd take my chances with a brand new author. You know a new author can't publish this kind of empty junk.
Piers Anthony is the best author ever! Only he could make his books in such an imaginative manner!
The Xanth series is on a downward spiral toward childishness. Kind of Sad, I loved Spell.
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