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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Alien Art - Gordon R. Dickson

Alien Art

Author: Gordon R. Dickson
Book title: Alien Art
ISBN: 0812535774
ISBN13: 978-0812535778
Publisher: Tor Books (December 15, 1986)
Language: English
Category: Science Fiction
Rating: 4.4/5
Votes: 899
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On the planet Arcadia a young man and woman and a swamp otter join together to haul the otter's eleven hundred pound statue overland to meet the deadline of a prospective buyer from another planet.
Reviews: (3)
Classic Dickson. Not my personal favorite but nice to have as an ebook. Recommended for Dickson fans and those looking for (reasonably short) works from the 60s and 70s showing the evolution of SF and Dickson's style. The social commentary can be a bit heavy-handed but that's also part of the nature of SF in that time period. Don't be put off by the cutesie cover art or surface anthropomorphic portrayal of Charlie. It's all about the journey not the (fairly predictable) ending.
From the first time I read this, I've been attuned to this story. Unlike some stories this one present seen to get stale. I 're-read it from time to time BECAUSE it's a great story about perspective and people!

Try it I'm sure you'll enjoy it yourself.
The premise of this short old SF novel from Dickson is a little silly and not quite strong enough to carry a large story, but the theme and moral are effective and thought provoking. Humans have colonized an alien world with an advance guard of rugged settlers who have taken to a backwoods lifestyle, while waiting for industrialists and corporate interests who will implement a development plan to turn the world into a profitable economic outpost. The natives of the planet are bear-sized, semi-intelligent otters who accidentally create works of art while gnawing on stone to keep their teeth in shape. The action of the story concerns a settler who plans to sell a native statue to the business interests, but befriends the otter who made it and in turn starts a popular rebellion, as he and the statue come to symbolize the purity of the world to the first wave of rugged colonists. Hence we have a pretty enlightening treatise on the pernicious effects of colonialism and globalization, and the ruination of native environments and cultures by money-obsessed interlopers who are blindly convinced by their own destructive dogma. And this is all in an enjoyable little novel that is worth picking up if you happen to see it at a library or used book store. [~doomsdayer520~]
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