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The Scientific Worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein - Glenn Borchardt

The Scientific Worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein

Author: Glenn Borchardt
Book title: The Scientific Worldview: Beyond Newton and Einstein
ISBN: 0595837735
ISBN13: 978-0595837731
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (March 14, 2006)
Language: English
Category: History & Philosophy
Rating: 4.3/5
Votes: 569
Pages: 411 pages
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The Scientific Worldview presents a balanced theoretical perspective that has profound implications for the social and physical sciences. Author Glenn Borchardt outlines the philosophical alternatives and those necessary for consistent scientific thinking.

The balanced outlook requires beginning assumptions alien to classical mechanism and modern systems philosophy. The central concept of the resulting philosophical system is univironmental determinisma new universal mechanism of evolution founded on the simple proposition that whatever happens to a thing is a result of the infinite variety of matter in motion within and without.

Borchardt argues that the biased outlook of the twentieth century scientific worldview, systems philosophy, which overemphasizes systems and neglects environments, taints our most fundamental theories about the universe. But with the philosophy of univironmental determinism, we can gain the feeling of control in our lives and achieve a newfound level of consciousness through which we will change the world for the betterment of all.

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Clear, down-to-earth thinking reaches a new level with Dr. Borchardt's writing.

Dr. Borchardt has laid a foundation for re-tooling our thinking about basic concepts of physics. He is helping to pull modern scientific thinking onto a more viable path - a path that strictly aligns with physical reality, instead of mathematical fantasy.

Glenn Borchardt's two books ("The Ten Assumptions of Science" and "The Scientific Worldview") give us a logical framework for looking at the illogical concepts of modern physics and astronomy. He shines a bright light on the superstitious roots of "mainstream" scientific beliefs.

Here are just some of the mainstream scientific beliefs that Dr. Borchardt stirs up like the proverbial hornets' nest:

* The idea that time and space can burst into existence from nothing, embodied in the Big Bang Theory.
* The idea that time and space can collapse into a dimensionless point, - Black Holes.
* The idea that the speed of light is a universal speed-limit.
* The idea that matter exists in a "space-time continuum", where the continuum has no mass or energy, but mass and energy still magically affect the continuum.
* The idea of "action at a distance" to explain gravity.
* The idea of waves or particles traveling through a "vacuum".
* The idea that a photon can be described both as a particle and as a wave.
* The idea of energy disembodied from matter - dark energy.
* The idea of matter with no energy - the concept of Absolute Zero, a.k.a., "motionless matter".
* The ideas of "anti-matter" and "string theory".

* The idea of "randomness". . . Don't get me going! - Everything that scientists like to call "random" is caused by an infinite chain of tangible events. An event is only labeled "random" because of our inability to trace its causal chain. Nothing in the real world can be random. A "random fluctuation" is portrayed by many scientific writers as a "causeless event". But what they call "random" is just as much caused as any well-defined physical process. When I see the word "random", I see lack of humility.

If you are an intelligent and well-read lover of science and philosophy. . . If reading popular science books and articles on physics and cosmology leaves you thinking "where are the missing puzzle pieces"? . . . You should read these books by Glenn Borchardt. Very thought-provoking. Delightfully entertaining. No other science book ever put such a big smile on my face. He shows you some of the misplaced puzzle pieces.

Mathematics is suitable to give prestige to any idea, but if the idea is a myth, mathematics can turn it into a "mathematical myth," but not guarantee that it has anything to do with reality.
So many people try too hard to put things into boxes that are too extreme - either too much the status quo, or throwing away the baby with the bathwater. The first hint that this book takes a common sense road down the middle is that the author says that a theory of everything is impossible and says why. That is not a barrier for science going forward, but it is a prerequisite.

If you are into common sense science, looking at history and studying the past, and trying to see where science is and should go, then this is the book for you. I didn't expect this grand of a philosophy to come from Glenn Borchardt but here it is. It is an accumulation of 30 years of a journey in science of someone that has put it all together in philosophical principles and guidelines for the next century.

I have studied physics and astronomy for the last 13 years and never found a book that put science in its place so well. I have collected a trail of ideas and thoughts and philosophies over the years that I could never piece together. This book does this and then some.

If you have been questioning the "lostness" of today's science with wormholes, big bangs, black holes, relativity disappointments, and light and gravity and motion without reason, then you can find some answers here.

I didn't read this as the next theory in science. It is THE philosophy for science for the 21st century. This book should be the philosophy book for science student for the next generation and it leaves the door wide open for the next experimentalists to make sure they keep on track and not find the slippery slopes of 20th century science.

A big big surprise!
how we see the world has been extremely linear. this book will help you see the global picture where complexity is paramount and understanding these new factors shaping the world.
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