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Stormbreaker (Alex Rider) - Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider)

Author: Anthony Horowitz
Book title: Stormbreaker (Alex Rider)
ISBN: 0606330909
ISBN13: 978-0606330909
Publisher: Demco Media (April 1, 2004)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Rating: 4.6/5
Votes: 531
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After the death of the uncle who had been his guardian, fourteen-year-old Alex Rider is coerced to continue his uncle's dangerous work for Britain's intelligence agency, MI6.
Reviews: (7)
YA novel that's well written and absorbing. I was reading this on the bus one day and missed my stop because I was engrossed in the book. I'm an adult who likes to read YA from time to time and found this one a fun read. Good, tight writing, that keeps the plot going in a steady pace. It makes the idea of a 14-year-old MI-6 spy very believable along with the impossible scrapes he gets into. He's a normal teenager but with a good head on his shoulders. It's a nice break from the usual teenage girl assassin/vampire hunter/whiny-romance YA novels out there.My only quibble is I wish Alex's character was a tad more developed. I'm hoping it will get better as I read the other books in the series.
This is one of those books that everyone loves. All four of my siblings and I agree that it is one of the greatest series out there, and getting us to agree on anything is near impossible. The storyline is easy enough to follow, but may be too graphic for younger readers. It is about a spy, so there is a small amount of violence (nothing too graphic, but probably too much for an advanced 7 year old reader). Also, although the storyline is simple, some of the words are a bit advanced. Kids and adults alike love this book. It is the beginning of one of the best series. If you are planning on reading this, plan on many months and many more books, because you won't ever want it to end.
Drek. Bad attempt at a Bond movie. "Whoever these people were, they had tried to run him down, to cut him in half, and to incinerate him. He had to find a way out before they really got serious." I almost tossed it at "They were carrying semi-automatic machine guns.", but realized it was (thankfully) short, so I pressed on. URG!

Then there is a "bonus story". Where somehow the U.S. has a "Secretary of State for Defense". Sigh.

Written by someone who knows NOTHING about combat, firearms, politics, intelligence, computers, viruses... so what does he write? You got it. Lots of combat, firearms, politics, intelligence, computers, and viruses, and NONE of it anywhere near accurate. I repeat. Drek. Poorly written, poorly plotted, completely unbelievable. Insults the intelligence of any 14-year old (which is the age of our reluctant spy).
I chose this book based on a recommendation of a friend. I read it with my sons. They absolutely loved it. They begged for me to read it every night.

The story is about 14-year old spy in the United Kingdom. It was very exciting—like a teenaged James Bond. There were fast cars, airplanes, and cool spy gadgets. The young spy, Alex Rider, has close calls and near misses that captured my kids imaginations. We are definitely going to read more books in the series. I have already bought the second book.
Great book and story. As a huge Harry Potter fan, 007 fan, and Percy Jackson Fan... This books and series of books just fit into my type of exciting storytelling. I had trouble putting it down! While I was disappointed to get through the book so quickly, I was just glad to know I had many more adventures, twists, and turns to discover in the remaining 10 books in the series! I highly recommend the book.
This might be a teenage book but i love it. it is faster read. No so in depth that you stumble at certain sections. The kid is crazy funny. the characters are well defined. start with middle one that i found at work and am now reading them in order. plan on reading them all.
When fourteen year-old Alex Rider hears of his uncle's tragic death in an auto accident, he becomes immediately suspicious. Ian Rider had been a banker, a very careful man. He was also Alex's only living relative. Following up on his uncle's car, Alex discovers that the car is at a junkyard and is sporting dozens of bullet holes and blood on the seats that proves his uncle was murdered. So who killed Ian Rider and covered the act up? And why? Alex's quest for the truth introduces him to Alan Blunt, a spymaster for Great Britain's MI6 espionage agency. Caught while seeking further information, Alex is blackmailed by Blunt into becoming the youngest spy to ever work for MI6. Herod Sayles, a multi-millionaire, is giving away thousands of his newest computer, Stormbreaker, to the children of London's schools. Ian Rider was investigating the man and those machines when he was killed. If Alex doesn't agree to undertake the mission, Blunt promises that he will be sent off to an orphan's home, and that his housekeeper, Jack Starbright, will be deported back to America. Before he can adjust to getting blackmailed, Alex is sent on a three-week crash course training with SAS commandos. Yanked out of training, Alex is thrown headlong into the grinning jaws of death where he will meet a spectacular array of villains, including Mr. Grin who has had his face disfigured during a throwing knife accident in a circus, and a huge jellyfish.
Anthony Horowitz is a successful writer of novels and television shows. His second Alex Rider novel, POINT BLANK, is out this year. In addition, he's written historical thrillers, THE SINISTER SECRET OF FREDERICK K. BOWER and THE DEVIL AND HIS BOY. He's also written a series of books involving the FIVE including THE DEVIL'S DOOR-KNOB, NIGHT OF THE SCORPION, and THE SILVER CITADEL. His work for television lists scripts for POIROT and MIDSOMER NIGHTS, and he has created his own television show, MURDER IN MIND.
STORMBREAKER is an exciting, easy to read, and hard to put down novel. The breakneck pace of the story draws the reader on, and the simple use of the language to convey the story make it that much easier to read just one more page, and another, and another. However, the simple writing evokes full images, cast and settings. And there are twists and turns aplenty in the story. Alex is very likeable, and he's very much like James Bond must have been at that age. Not only is he quick and mildly sardonic, but he gets equipped with a cutting-edge tech GameBoy equipped with spygear, zit cream that eats through metal, and a yo-yo that doubles as a winch, serving him as well as Spider-Man's weblines.
Even though the pace is driving and the descriptions are wonderful, the book could have used a little more dialogue. The dialogue that the author uses is pretty much spot-on, but more of it was needed.
STORMBREAKER is an excellent read for anyone interested in action adventure novels and spy stories.
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