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Teen & Young Adult

Iceman - Chris Lynch


Author: Chris Lynch
Book title: Iceman
ISBN: 0064471144
ISBN13: 978-0064471145
Publisher: HarperCollins (August 25, 1995)
Language: English
Category: Literature & Fiction
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 475
Pages: 192 pages
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The other guys on Eric's hockey team call him the Iceman, because he's a heartless player, cold as ice. Only Eric knows the truth -- he's not cold, he's on fire, burning with a need he just can't explain. Least of all to his fanily -- not to his dad, whose only joy in life id watching Eric smash other hockey players to a pulp. Or his mom, who starts every conversation with "Your problem is..." Or even his brother, Duane, once a star athlete, now a star slacker.

Can Eric find a way to make them understand how he feels -- before the fire inside consumes him completely?

"At 14, Eric still loves his parents, but knows they are incapable of giving him the warmth and honest emotion he seeks. He slams out his anger and suffering in the hockey rink, where he's the Iceman, 'the animal,' so out of control even his own teammates shun him. Only time spent at the local mortuary—with the taciturn recluse who works there—gives him some measure of comfort. . . . Much better than the usual sports novel . . . a thought provoking book guaranteed to compel and touch a teenage audience."—BL. "Eric's narrative voice is clear and distinctive. . . . Iceman will leave readers smiling and feeling good." —SLJ.

1995 Best Books for Young Adults (ALA)1995 Recommended Books for Reluctant Young Adult Readers (ALA)1995 Books for the Teen Age (NY Public Library)Books for Youth Editors' Choices 1994 (BL)English Journal Young Adult Literature 1994 Honor List

Reviews: (7)
This was purchased for a reluctant reader who enjoys hockey. The student enjoyed the book.
good for school readers
Steamy Ibis
Iceman By, Chris Lynch
Iceman is about a hockey player named Eric. He is the best player on his team. He is always getting in fights and hurting people badly. Nobody on the team likes him, they think that he is too violent for hockey. Eric doesn't really enjoy playing hockey. He starts to get sick of it because his teammates, his opponents and the fans all hate him.
Eric's only friend is the undertaker at Gromley's funeral home. His name is McLaughlin. Eric often skips school to help McLaughlin prepare the bodies for the funerals. He enjoys this work because he feels that he can relate well to McLaughlin. McLaughlin is like Eric because he doesn't get along well with other people.
Eric has an older brother named Duane. Eric idolizes him. Duane used to be a star in all sports. His hockey number is retired and he was a star in Lacrosse and football. One day Duane decides that he doesn't want to play sports any more. He said that he saw a vision when he was trying out for football, so he sells all his equipment and buys a new guitar. Eric's dad loved to see Duane play sports and he is saddened that he will never get to see him play again.
Eric's dad loves to go to his games. He practically lives for it. He goes crazy when Eric makes a hit or does any thing good. His dad loves to be hated. At a tournament in Quebec he gets soda poured all over his head and he doesn't ever flinch. Erics dad works as a Public Relations man. He is always bringing clients to the house. One day he brings home a former hockey player and Eric and Duane really connect with him.
Eric's mom was a former nun. She reads the bible all the time and tries to get Eric to go to church. She is worried about him because he is so violent. He once broke his stick over a teammates head. Eric said he didn't even feel angry. Eric goes to church once and he hates it. He only goes to church that one time.
I think this is a really good book. I like is because it has a lot of action and it makes you want to keep reading. I also like how the whole book isn't about him playing hockey. There is a lot of other part of the book. Like Eric's relationship with McLaughlin and how he cant make friends. I also like the book because Duane is funny. He is always saying things to his parents that get them mad. I liked how you can see the change in Eric from the beginning of the book to the end of the book. There is a really big change in his attitude and how he plays hockey. I would recommend this book to anyone. It is a good read.
In The Iceman a boy named Eric plays on a hockey team, which he doesn’t like very well and everyone on it is very mean to him calling him the iceman because he is a heartless play who is cold as ice. Eric’s father brings home people for dinner for business. He always brings home someone different and one night he brought home Mick Mackey. Mackey was an all-time hockey player who was that star of the Big Bad Bruins. The Bruins were the team who were the Stanley Cup Champions of seventy and seventy-two. Mackey comes home with him because he needs Eric’s fathers businesses to help him out with him children camps. Eric’s dad brags about him and how he wins the game on his own. The thing his dad doesn’t know is that Eric doesn’t want to play hockey anymore and that he hates it. His decides he wants to quit and tells his dad face to face. His dad just laughs and shakes it off. The next day was Eric’s last game of hockey.

Eric’s friend McLaughlin works at a mortuary and Eric decides he wants to be like him and work where he does and do all that stuff he does. Eric one day decides to show his brother, Duane, what the mortuary and what it’s like. He takes him there before school and it found McLaughlin, his mortuary friend, next to, whom he called, Evangeline. McLaughlin, his partner, his buddy was dead right in front of him. To find out what happens next read the rest of this intense book, The Iceman.
I'm a Russian Occupant
This book was great it caught my attention in the beginning of the book by saying Eric the main character slammed a hockey goalie into the net and scored a goal. Eric used his brute force to win games in hockey. The people who are at the game usually boo at Eric and call him names because of what he does at the games. Eric's dad loves when Eric beats up on people in the hockey rink. Eric's brother Duane was a sports player until he had a vision that made him give up sports and play guitar. Eric's mother was a former nun and she thinks of Duane as a devil like figure. Eric has only one friend which is a water dragon named Mary. Eric has some strange obsession with dead things. He can't stop going to the cemetery. Eric is a very strange person who lives a very strange and interesting life.
Why is this kid so messed up? This book was about a kid who played ice hockey, and he was a big goon. People all around the country knew who he was, and hated him for his style of play. Through the book it talked about his team and how he played in the different tournaments, and it was pretty good explination in the hockey perspective. This book was a fast read, but it didnt keep my attention. I just couldn't get into the book. I think that people should read this book if they are into hockey, or if they want a dramatic book that involves family problems, or if they would like to read a good book. I would recommend that you give this book a try, and who know's, you might even like it.

Kody Nolt
Block 3
This book was mainly about a 14 year old boy named Eric and his everyday life. Eric has a very strange life.

Eric has this weird knack of being around dead people. Eric says that he can stop looking at dead people. Eric plays hockey. But when he is on the ice someone usually gets hurt because of Eric.Eric has an older brother named Duane. Duane used to play sports until, he said that he had a vision while trying out for football. Now Duane plays a guitar. Eric's mom was a nun and she thinks of Duane as a Lucifer. Eric's dad is a sports freak. He hated it when Duane quit sports. Eric's dad loves it when Eric pummels other player when playing a hockey game. Eric has a pet its a water dragon named Mary. Mary is also Erics only friend.

Overall, this is a great book to read. I enjoyed reading this book more than other I have read in a while.
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