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CLEP Official Study Guide, 2002 Edition: All-New 13th Annual Edition - The College Board

CLEP Official Study Guide, 2002 Edition: All-New 13th Annual Edition

Author: The College Board
Book title: CLEP Official Study Guide, 2002 Edition: All-New 13th Annual Edition
ISBN: 0874476615
ISBN13: 978-0874476613
Publisher: College Board; Revised edition (August 24, 2001)
Language: English
Category: College & High School
Rating: 4.2/5
Votes: 776
Pages: 478 pages
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Prepare to earn college credit at more than 2,800 participating colleges and universitiesEvery year more and more students save countless hours and dollars through the College-Level Examination Program. All CLEP exams will be administered on computer as of July 1, 2001. This official guide developed by the sponsors of the CLEP exam includes a CD-ROM that introduces test takers to this new computer-based test and provides a tutorial for each exam. In addition, this is the only guide to include sample questions and answers for all thirty-four examinations as well as a list of study resources and test preparation guidelines.
Reviews: (5)
This "Study Guide" isn't really a study guide. It is a collection of sample exams with a verbose introduction. It duplicates much of information available at the collegeboard website. The bulk of the book is in the form of sample tests, one for each of the 34 subject examinations. The information provided in this book is an exact duplicate of the subject study guides (which can be purchased for $6 and downloaded). So, if you intend on purchasing four or more of the subject study guides, you save money by purchasing this book.
The CDROM "cd sampler" can be downloaded from the collegeboard website for free. More importantly, it does not contain any sample questions. It is basically a demo that walks through the computer exam. For anyone with any level of comfort with a computer, it can be used as a drink coaster.
It seems that some of the other reviewers miss the point of this book entirely. It is not a test prep book, but rather an overview of each of the CLEP tests with a sample exam which is designed to test whether or not you are ready for the actual CLEP. If you get at least half of the questions on the sample test correct, you should be ready to take the real thing. Because this book covers all the exams and suggests study resources, I have found it the most useful of the CLEP prep books. Actual information gathering for most of the CLEP tests is better done through textbooks or other reading, and some good resources are listed in this book for each subject. If you understand what you are buying, and want to see if you are ready for several of the tests, this book is an excellent value.
grand star
I have taken 6 CLEP tests and have passed them all. However, I did not use this book alone. This book is a great starting point, a handy references to get the look and feel of questions on the test. It is not comprehensive, but loosely representative of the subject matter. To pass each test, I took notes from a college textbook or subject specific CLEP study guide and then used the questions in this book as a final review.
I'm totally new to the world of CLEP. Because of my inexperience, I bought 3 guides to help me with the Humanities CLEP... this was the absolute worst. There is exactly zero review material and a total of 50 questions covering Humanities. Take a pass on this one... One of the most useful tools I found was the "Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia of The Arts". Check it out at your local library.
Nothing personal
This book is great if you have never taken a clep test, and are curious what you are going to see on the test. This covers a great number of the tests available, with quite a lot of sample questions for each. The only downside to the book, is it doesn't explain the answers to the sample questions, so if you don't know an answer, it will not give you any insight. Other than that it is fine.
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